Urban Decay

In honor of National Lipstick Day I thought I'd take a quick peek at how Urban Decay's lipstick tubes have essentially come full circle with their new Vice collection. When the brand launched in 1996, the gritty, decidedly un-pretty feel... Read more →

Today I'm playing detective to decipher who's behind the packaging of a couple recent releases. First, I spotted these two Urban Decay palettes at Chic Profile over the summer. They are exclusive to the French Sephora website and bear the... Read more →

L.A.-based painter/illustrator/clothing designer Kime Buzzelli collaborated with Urban Decay to create this limited-edition palette. Named for an art and fashion installation space/boutique/gallery in Echo Park (now closed, unfortunately) the palette features Buzzelli's unique watercolor depictions of women. (images from sephora... Read more →