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Paul & Joe Fall 2015: Café Parisien

Happy September!  I thought I'd kick off this autumnal month with Paul & Joe's fall 2015 Café Parisien collection.  It doesn't seem to have much to do with a Paris café, but I can somewhat overlook it given how adorable the packaging is.  I think the collection would have seemed more inspired and less formulaic if the packaging had included little illustrations of coffee cups, croissants, the Eiffel Tower and other Paris/café motifs - as I've said before I greatly miss Paul & Joe's older collection stories.  Right now it just seems like their M.O. is to give the collection a vaguely French-sounding name and slap some cats on the packaging.  Nevertheless, the lack of a fully developed theme did not prevent me from buying nearly the whole collection.  I mean, I can't resist felines that resemble Grumpy Cat, not to mention a long-lashed owl and a plump sparrow wearing a knit cap.

We'll start with the eye shadows.

Paul & Joe fall 2015 eye shadows in Cafe Macchiato (097), Raspberry Truffle (098) and Caramel Drizzle (099)

The pattern continued on the interiors of the eye shadows, which is a nice touch.

Paul & Joe fall 2015 eye shadows in Cafe Macchiato (097), Raspberry Truffle (098) and Caramel Drizzle (099)

I got two of the three blush cases. 

Paul & Joe fall 2015 Cheek Color Cases 001 and 003

I can't believe I forgot to add the kitty lipstick case to my order.  I can't seem to find it anywhere either so I guess it's sold out.  :(

Paul & Joe fall 2015 lipstick cases (028 and (029)

Another nice touch is the cat print on the lipstick refill tube.  It's the little things, right?

Paul & Joe fall 2015 lipstick refill

Instead of making the whole lipstick tip in the shape of a cat's head as they've done previously, Paul & Joe borrowed a Japanese candy-making technique known as Kintaro-ame to put a cat's face in the center of the lipstick.  The print goes all the way through to the bottom so it doesn't wear off!

Paul & Joe fall 2015 lipstick refills in Coffee Cherry (094), Café Parisien (093), and Café Espresso (095)

Paul & Joe fall 2015 lipstick refills in Coffee Cherry (094), Café Parisien (093), and Café Espresso (095)

I always love getting some sweet gift-with-purchase swag!

Paul & Joe fall 2015 gifts with purchase

So let's see which prints were taken from the fall 2015 fashion collection.  Actually, both of the floral prints are from the pre-fall 2015 collection.

Paul & Joe pre-fall 2015 dresses

The bird and owl appeared on several pieces in the regular fall collection.

Paul & Joe fall 2015 bird sweaters

Paul & Joe fall 2015

I love this print on a bag!!

Paul & Joe fall 2015 owl bag

Finally, the kitty print is from Paul & Joe's Sister fall 2015 collection. 

Paul & Joe Sister fall 2015
(images from

So what do you think of this collection?  Will you be partaking in some Café Parisien goodies?

Friday Fun: Sailor Babo meets Sailor Cat

Paul & Joe face powder spring 2015

For the life of me I can't figure out why Paul & Joe decided to create a print of a cat wearing a sailor hat, but I know a certain Makeup Museum staff member was very intrigued.  Then again, this isn't the first time Paul & Joe decided to dress up their cats.

Sailor Babo makes a new friend

Getting a closer look

He admired the kitty's pipe and asked me if he could get one. 

I like your pipe!

Unfortunately, as with the MAC Hey Sailor collection, I don't think I'll be getting the powder or the pouch back.  Sailor Babo and Sailor Cat are kindred spirits. 

This belongs to me now

I think I hear Sailor Babo offering up some rum so I better get going before things get too out of hand!

Meet Paul & Joe's menagerie

According to the very short product descriptions at their website, Paul & Joe's spring 2015 Ménagerie collection was inspired by childhood trips to the zoo.  (I do wish they would bring back the little blurbs that fully described the collection's theme!)  The prints on the outer packaging are spot-on, as usual.  Of course there are the requisite cats, but also more exotic animals that you'd see at a zoo - giraffes, monkeys, tigers, zebras and flamingos all make an appearance as well. 

Paul & Joe spring 2015 lipstick cases 025, 026, 027

I adore all the prints, but I'm still a little iffy on the design on the inside of the face and eye colors.  Paul & Joe is well-known for playful designs and this collection in particular was inspired by childhood memories of zoo outings, but I think these go a little too juvenile.  The, puffy, cartoonish animals peering out look like a print you'd hang in a baby's nursery.  I applaud them for trying something different instead of the chrysanthemum emblem that's usually imprinted on Paul & Joe powders, but I wasn't crazy about it.  Still, I enjoyed the variety of prints on the outer packaging and that's what's most important from a display standpoint.  ;)

Paul & Joe spring 2015 face and eye colors 094, 095, 096

There was a code at for this free bag with cute.

Paul and Joe spring 2015 bag

The prints on the lipstick cases were taken from the Paul & Joe spring 2015 fashion collections. 

Paul & Joe spring 2015

Paul & Joe spring 2015

Paul & Joe spring 2015
(images from

Overall, the collection did not disappoint.  It wasn't my favorite but it was a good solid effort, and I liked that, as in previous collections, there was a good mix of existing designs (for the lipstick cases) and completely original ones (on the color powders).  I have to say that I'm even more excited for another part of the collection that's just hitting Beautyhabit now, so stay tuned for a special post on that!

Quick post: Whoooo wants to see a rare Paul & Joe color powder?

I'll get to Paul & Joe's adorable owl-themed holiday offering in a little bit, but for now I wanted to share my E-bay find of one of their color powders from the fall 2005 collection.  Chaussons de Dance (040) features a pair of owls perched on a tree limb against a pastel purple background.

Paul & Joe color powder

Of course, I managed to stick my nail in the powder while taking the lid off, which explains the nick in the lower left.

Paul & Joe color powder

I was so sad I couldn't find any images from Paul & Joe's fall 2005 fashion collection - I would have loved to see if the owls made an appearance.  If anyone can find them do let me know!

Fall Film Fest: Paul & Joe Cinema collection

For fall 2014 Paul & Joe released 10 new lipstick cases, along with new lipstick colors and several eye shadow trios.  Sadly, I found the inspiration behind the collection to be rather insipid.  "Paul & Joe wants to make you feel like a movie star!  You'll cause a paparazzi frenzy everywhere you go in any of these Paul & Joe lipstick red carpet favorites.  Paul & Joe will make you a star with these 3 eye color trio cinematic classics!"  Eh.  I miss the days when they actually had a little narrative for each collection.  Plus, the theme of feeling like a celebrity through the power of makeup has been done to death by many brands, most notably Stila Having said all that, do you really think I could resist any of the LE lipstick cases? 

Paul & Joe fall 2014 lipstick cases

I positively loved this bird case.  The illustration is so delicate and pretty, it reminds me of something you'd find on an antique Japanese folding screen.

Paul & Joe fall 2014 lipstick case 017

But my favorite was the one with the beautiful Delftware-inspired pattern that included a bear and a little bird.

Paul & Joe fall 2014 lipstick case 018

This pattern appeared in many of the Paul & Joe Sister items for fall 2014.  I have to say that this is a rare miss for Paul & Joe.  I generally hate wearing prints, but if any designer was going to make me buy a piece of clothing with a print on it it would be Paul & Joe - the ones they come up with are so unique and the manner in which they use them is usually impeccable.  As I much as I adore this particular design, I think it's best left to decorative objects and not clothing.

Paul & Joe fall 2014

Paul & Joe fall 2014
(images from

It also appeared on some of the men's items as well.

Paul & Joe fall 2014 mens
(images from

It was nice to see cat-obsessed Paul & Joe founder Sophie Albou toss dog people a bone (see what I did there?) and come up with a dog print for the lipstick case, which also was used extensively in the Sister and men's collections.

Paul & Joe fall 2014 dog sweatshirts

Paul & Joe fall 2014 dog sweatshirt mens
(image from

I liked the little geometric fox as well, which, again, appeared in both the Sister and men's collections.  (Now here the pattern works - I would totally wear this quirky fox-printed blouse!)

Paul & Joe fall 2014 fox shirt

Paul & Joe fall 2014 fox shirt mens
(images from

While there were plenty of new prints, Paul & Joe re-released some vintage ones as well.  I was happy to see these since I don't have any of them in lipstick form.  The blue and orange bird print was from fall 2003, and the yellow cat print was from spring 2005 (I only have this in notebook form).  The floral print shown immediately to the left of the cat print in my picture above was from the spring 2007 collection.  I do have the Color Powder in that pattern but it never hurts to have a a complete set.  :)

What do you think of the collection?

Paul & Joe sell (leggy) seashells by the seashore

I didn't think Paul & Joe could top their delightful yellow and grey dolphin printed blotting sheets from last summer, but their latest offering proved me wrong.  How adorable are these multicolored shells sporting shapely legs?!  



This print is so quirky and fun I was hoping to see it on some of the summer collection items, and Paul & Joe delivered.  I'd be happy to have either of these two tops in my summer wardrobe, although I am partial to the yellow shell.  I especially love the contrasting print on the sleeves.



I love how it's styled here but I would also totally wear this with white skinny jeans and flat sandals.


The shells also made their way into a anemone-laden under-the-sea-print on multiple pieces.



In looking at this dress more closely I think I need it in my closet - appropriate for a wannabe mermaid, yes?  Plus I have the perfect pair of corally-red wedges to go with it.  Still, I'm short so it would probably be to my ankles...but I could always get it hemmed. 

(images from

The rest of the summer collection, which has ice cream theme, didn't really do anything for me.  It's a shame because it's a great idea and I could see so many cute things - ice cream cone-shaped lipsticks, little ice cream cones embossed onto powder, etc. - as a result of the ice cream inspiration.  However, I think the blotting sheets make up for the lackluster remainder of the collection (even though shells have nothing to do with ice cream). 

What do you think?

Paul & Joe's secret garden

It was so gratifying to finally say good riddance to winter a couple days ago.   The dark era of snow, ice and polar vortexes is behind us!  Today marks the first day of spring and to celebrate, I'm featuring a few items from Paul & Joe's Secret Garden collection.

I picked up the Color Powders in Dahlia (088), Azalea (089) and Amaryllis (090). 



I also got the face powder - couldn't resist the nest of cheerfully chirping baby robins amidst a vintage-inspired floral background.




How cute is this puff?!



As I always do with Paul & Joe, I tried to identify the patterns on each color powder and the face powder.  The pattern for Dahlia looked quite similar to the one on this dress and skirt.


Upon closer inspection of the print on a pair of pants, however, I realized it wasn't identical.


I couldn't find any match for the striped Azalea case, but I did find some horses like the ones on the Amaryllis case.


Horses and birds both made an appearance on this blouse, but none of the birds are the same as the ones on the face powder.

(images from

Interestingly, all of these are from the brand's diffusion line, Paul & Joe Sister.  Like the summer 2013 collection, this one drew inspiration not from the main Paul & Joe women's line but rather another offshoot of the company. 

Overall this isn't my favorite spring collection from Paul & Joe - 2013's was lovely, and I don't think anything could match the 2012 Meow! collection - but these pieces will look nice in the Museum's spring exhibition.  And that's all that matters, right?  ;)

Happy spring!!  Have you spotted any robins in your neck of the woods?

Paul & Joe Holiday 2013

I realize it's only November 5th, but I wanted to get a head start on holiday goodies!  So I'm starting with Paul & Joe's eye and cheek color set in Sugar and Spice. 

The set contains an eye shadow duo, cream blush stick and eye gloss all in an adorable pouch featuring three of Paul & Joe founder Sophie Albou's favorite animal.




We've seen the kitty-shaped blush stick and lipstick before but seriously, how cute is it?!


While I feel like this collection was just phoning it in - there was no narrative detailing the theme of the collection, and it's certainly not as creative as 2012's holiday's collection - it was still worth purchasing.  I don't think one can ever have too much cat-shaped makeup.  ;)

What do you think?  Will you be picking up any Paul & Joe kitties this season?

Once upon a time...there was Paul & Joe's fall 2013 collection

I have to be honest, this wasn't my favorite Paul & Joe collection.  It didn't feel quite as thoughtful as most of their others.  "Fairytale Autumn 2013 is a classic collection that recalls the timeless innocence of childhood fables with grown-up, sophisticated textures and tones.  Join us for an inspired, romantic makeup tale that will captivate and enthrall - because the most beautiful stories always begin and end with Paul & Joe Beaute."  Eh.  It's an okay theme, I guess, but I don't think it was executed very well from a design standpoint.  The primary components of the collection were three sets adorned with a butterfly pattern.  These were nothing special to me - I thought the butterfly on the Midsummer's Dream collection blush last year was much nicer - so I didn't purchase any.


The color choices for the cases seem odd for fall, as yellow, purple and aquamarine read much more spring/summer to me.  Plus the clever details that usually inhabit Paul & Joe's offerings are sadly absent.  It's just a plain box with some butterflies and the same text on the inside of each box.

There were also three lipstick cases, which I did buy even though I wasn't crazy about the collection overall.  What can I say, they're only $5 and I know they'll come in handy for one exhibition or another.


Oddly enough, none of these prints, including the butterflies on the sets, appeared on any of the clothes for Paul & Joe's fall season.  I looked at every collection - pre-fall, fall (both men's and women's), Paul & Joe Sister, men's spring 2014, etc. and these were nowhere to be found.  The fact that these prints seemingly came out of nowhere, coupled with the lackluster idea behind the collection, makes this among my least favorite Paul & Joe releases.   But their holiday collection is full of cuddly kittens, so I have no doubt they will regain their footing come December.  ;)