A donation for the ages

Wow!  I am seriously overwhelmed by the enormous generosity displayed by a long-term Museum supporter and fellow blogger, Mag from Makeup Stash.  It all started with an innocent remark I made on Mag's Instagram page about some old MAC paint tubes.  She graciously offered to send me the ones she had since they were going to be thrown out anyway...but ended up decluttering a lot more, as you'll see.  One woman's trash is another's treasure, so I happily accepted all of the other goodies she offered up to me, completely for free!!  How awesome is that?

Donation from Makeup Stash

First up are the items that started this amazing donation: MAC paint tubes.  I was so sad that I threw mine out, as they'd be excellent for a makeup-as-literal-art exhibition (along with Chanel Les Gouaches, which I'm still kicking myself over for getting rid of).

MAC paint tubes

These eyeshadow trios from Japanese brand Kesalan Patheran were huge in the early aughts.  I'm very pleased to have these cult items join the Museum's collection.

Kesalan Patheran eye shadow trios

Ditto for these eyeshadow quads from Ed Pinaud and Lise Watier.  The Ed Pinaud is a particularly great addition to the Museum given the company's long history.

Ed Pinaude and Lise Watier

I'm in love with these palettes from Tokidoki.  In one of my very first blog posts I talked about how cute the Smashbox collab was, so when I saw Tokidoki was releasing its own line at Sephora in 2010 I was ecstatic.  The line was truly a flash in the pan, lasting only 2 years, but its short-lived nature was actually intentional.  Unfortunately during those two years I never budgeted to pick up anything from it, so I'm deliriously happy to have some items now.  These three palettes came from The Robbery set, showing Tokidoki's signature characters engaging in naughty hijinks. 

Tokidoki Robbery palettes

How adorable are these Anna Sui goodies?  The floral eyeshadow is from the fall 2010 Kaleidoscope of Color collection, while the heart-shaped eyeshadow is from summer 2014.

Anna Sui makeup

Anna Sui makeup

Some other recent treasures Mag bestowed upon the Museum include Shu Uemura's Fuchsia Fusion palette (2013), YSL Flower Crush palette (2014) and Etude House's Berry Delicious palette (2016). 

Shu Uemura Fuchsia Fusion

YSL Flower Crush

Etude House Berry Delicious

But honestly, my favorite part of this donation (or any donation, really) was this incredibly sweet handwritten note.  I've received others and they mean so much.


I know I get pretty down about makeup companies and museums not paying any attention to this little blog of mine, and it's things like this that help keep me going.  In addition to all of the nice comments and emails I get, donations are a way of people showing me that they think the Museum is a worthwhile project.

I'm positively overjoyed at all of these wonderful additions to the collection!  Do you have any favorites?  Big huge thanks again to Mag, I still can't believe her generosity!











MM Mailbag: Another Stila surprise!

Vintage Stila memorabilia

You might remember how overjoyed I was in late 2013 when a mysterious person emailed me and asked to bestow a mighty lot of Stila memorabilia.  Well, back in the spring a different mystery Stila aficionado contacted me and asked if I wanted her vintage Stila ephemera.  As with the previous donor, she refused to accept payment, even for postage, and sent me an enormous package chock full of lovely Stila cards and other goodies.  See, Stila fans are the best!!

Now that I'm done gushing about the extremely generous people who graciously donated these items, let's take an in-depth look.

Stila postcards, ca. late 1990s

Stila postcards, ca. late 1990s

Stila postcards, late 1990s/early 00s

Stila postcards, late 1990s/early 00s

Stila postcards, fall 2001 and 2002

Stila pamphlets

Stila 2001 holiday look book

Stila 2001 holiday look book

Even the outer envelope for this has an adorable illustration:

Stila 2001 holiday lookbook envelope

How adorable is this mini 3-ring binder?!

Stila mini binder

Stila mini binder

I think is from around 2003, since the "Look of the Month" palettes had some of the same illustrations and were released at Nordstrom in January 2004.  For example, the little lady below was used in the April palette.

Stila mini binder

The donor also included some pretty cool Anna Sui postcards. 

Anna Sui postcards

Anna Sui postcard

So wasn't that nice?!  Whoever sent this my way, thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my Stila-loving heart!!  I'm still in awe from the generosity.

Which is your favorite from this glorious batch of rare Stila items?  I love it all, of course, but I think I'm partial to the white postcards, which look to be very early in Stila's history...but the postcard with the girl catching pairs of rouged lips in a butterfly net is pretty spectacular too.


MM Mailbag: a Stila surprise

Talk about a RAOK (random act of kindness)!  Last week a very mysterious person emailed me, saying that she had a bunch of vintage Stila memorabilia, and asked if I would like any of it.  She had no room for it anymore but hated the thought of throwing it away.  I eagerly responded that I was interested and inquired about pricing.  Not only did this marvelous mystery person say that she would give it all to me for free, she even refused reimbursement for shipping!  I was, and still am, totally stunned by this act of generosity.  And the quality and quantity of the goodies she bestowed upon the museum left me flabbergasted as well. 

Without further ado, I introduce the Mystery Stila Lady collection!  Whoever you are, I cannot thank you enough!!

Rock the Vote postcard - on the back it had instructions for voting. 


Pamphlet (from 1999!):




This was one of my favorites - a postcard set from the 2001 fall collection.







Then there were the workbooks/product guides - I'm assuming these were for Stila employees.









You may recognize this Stila girl - she also appeared on the 2013 holiday palettes, albeit in a different outfit.






Some other great items in the bounty included a cute paper box and silver bag:




I loved everything, obviously, but my favorite item was this 2003 calendar.  It's interesting to see how it foreshadows both the 2004 Nordstrom calendar palette collection and the more recent travel palette series.














You may have been wondering where the month of June was.  I had to save the best for last.  Behold, a Stila mermaid!


My mermaid obsession knows no bounds, so I got heart palpitations when I saw this!  Plus, it may be proof that I'm not completely senile in remembering a long-lost Stila paint can that was created in honor of their counters opening in Copenhagen, which I discussed in my post on mermaids in cosmetics ads and packaging.  I said that I could have sworn the mermaid was blonde, and here she is!  I'm almost positive now that paint can existed and this was the same mermaid used.

Which of these images from the very generous Mystery Stila Lady collection is your favorite?  I still can't believe she donated all of this!!  I'm both a collector and Stila fanatic, so naturally this is awesome, but what's more is that the Stila girls were what got me collecting makeup in the first place so having these really means a lot.