Baroque style from Clarins

Clarins snuck up on me this holiday season with a lovely Baroque-inspired palette.  I've talked about the Baroque period before (with MAC's Baroque Boudoir collection) so I will spare my readers of that discussion and get straight to the palette. 


The pattern repeats on the inside.  In natural light:




With flash:



The collection also featured a lipstick and powder with the same design - while pretty, I didn't think it was necessary to have all three pieces for the Museum. 

Downy soft: Clarins Cotton Flower palette

The Curator is baffled as to why the Clarins counters in the U.S. didn't get this lovely little palette.  Fortunately I was able to snag it on UK E-bay.  Part of the spring 2010 Cotton Flower collection, this powder features pretty branches with fluffy cotton blossoms.  Here it is with and without flash:

Cotton flower

Naturally I was curious to see if the design was true to a real cotton flower plant, and I think it is!

I love that Clarins had a cotton flower-themed spring collection rather than the crop of roses that appeared everywhere last year.  Hopefully they'll have something equally unique for fall.