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Curator's Corner, May/June 2022

Curator's cornerBetween being distracted by the nonstop avalanche of particularly horrible current events and my inability to realistically estimate how long it takes for me to write anything, two months' worth of links had to be condensed into one post. Sigh.

- Allure had a nice feature on Joey Mills and an article on the importance of Reddit's Makeup Addiction forum for trans women.

- Where are my fellow art history geeks? This article on the makeup worn by Virginie Gautreau, better known as John Singer Sargent's Madame X, is a must-read.

- In company news, Revlon filed for bankruptcy, while Bite Beauty, well, bit the dust.

- The "gym lips" trend is another reason why the Museum's TikTok account remains inactive for now - I have difficulty understanding the stupidity that reigns on that platform. Having said that, it might be worth venturing on there to see experienced pros like Bobbi Brown hilariously laying into clueless influencers.

- This article on the "5-minute face" and the no-makeup look is everything I've been wanting to say on this topic (and more!) but unable to properly articulate.

- I am very curious to exactly how NPD arrived at the statistic that roughly 70% of makep-wearers are back to their pre-pandemic makeup routines - I certainly haven't and know few who have. The findings of this study on Gen-X beauty consumers also do not apply to me. I guess I'm a makeup outlier.

- Looking forward to this docuseries on Black beauty that will arrive in the fall.

- Granny punk makeup? Yes please!

The random:

- I was so honored to have a very special Museum visitor in May. Ally (Shybiker) made the trip to Baltimore so we could finally meet in person! We had a blast going to the Walters and I of course was so happy to show off the Museum's treasures and space. It was an absolute delight and definitely a bright spot in what's been a rather bleak 2022.

- Speaking of museums, here's why mission creep can be a good thing.

- Lots of pop culture milestones, including the 40th anniversary of E.T. (the first movie I saw in a theater - four-year-old me got scared and started crying LOL), the 25th anniversary of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the 20th anniversary of The Wire, and the 10th anniversary of the Curator's beloved faux documentary Mermaids: The Body Found.

- I love berry season at the farmer's market, and this year I made a strawberry pie and ice cream. The latter's texture was not great, but the pie turned out very well if I do say so myself.

Strawberry pie

How has your summer been so far?

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