Color Connection #47
Cultural appropriation in cosmetics, revisited

Curator's Corner, April 2022

Curator's corner logoBelated April links.

- I was saddened to hear of the very untimely death of makeup artist A. J. Crimson. I hope someone will publish a biography and catalogue of his work.

- Interested to check out this new documentary on the lack of regulations for makeup in the U.S.

- Move over blush, false eyelashes are the big comeback trend.

- Here's a decidedly unfavorable opinion of the makeup merch trend. From a consumerist and environmental standpoint, I actually agree - we need less crap, not more! But the collector in me says the Museum should have at least some of it.

- More on beauty's environmental impact is in a great interview with Minsooky at Beauty Independent. Ann has given me so much food for thought since I discovered her work about 6 months ago.

- For my fellow history enthusiasts, Lucy Jane Santos delivers again, this time covering the scientification of beauty. There's also some fantastic early 2000s and '90s nostalgia at Pink Haired Princess and I Need This Unicorn. The former's collection makes me weep - it is truly unparalleled for Y2K and 2000s beauty.

- I still don't understand how Milani relates to the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case, but...I guess it's worth mentioning?

- I would probably end up trying to eat my fingers if I attempted this very creative and delicious-looking Easter manicure.

The random:

- Words and guitar: one of my favorite albums turned 25 on April 8. In other '90s related news, Romi and Michele's High School Reunion also celebrated a 25th anniversary, and I waved a very sad goodbye to Bitch Magazine, which shut down publication after 26 years.

- I hate most April Fool's jokes, but some of the posts at Hyperallergic had me chuckling.

- I got to see another amazing exhibition! I was blown away by Joan Mitchell's exquisite work at the BMA.

Joan Mitchell exhibition at the BMA, April 2022

Joan Mitchell exhibition at the BMA, April 2022

Joan Mitchell exhibition at the BMA, April 2022

I had the crazy eyes again (and also extra wrinkly from the mask pushing up all those undereye lines). Colorful abstract art clearly makes me a little nuts. I especially loved this piece as it had lots of yellow and was appropriately titled Sunflowers.

Joan Mitchell exhibition at the BMA, April 2022

How was your April?

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