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Curator's Corner, March 2022

Curator's cornerLinks for one of my least favorite months.

- In beauty history, Lucy Jane Santos discusses both the historic dangers and scientification of beauty, while Minsooky takes a look at the rather sordid history of Dr. Palmer's skin whitener. If you need a palate cleanser after reading the latter, check out the documentary on Fashion Fair Cosmetics.

- Really wish this Pat McGrath Barbie was for sale instead of MAC x Keith Haring NFTs.

- Almost a year after I shared my thoughts on blush's resurgence, it's still going strong.

- Things I am saying no to: slugging and this contraption to make your own lip balm. Is it meant for children or adults?

- After seeing so many "ASMR" videos in which makeup is destroyed, I find repair videos far more satisfying.

The random:

- Now I don't feel as bad about not being on Tiktok.

- In food combinations no one asked for, Pepsi introduced a maple syrup flavored soda, while both the infamous everything bagel and mac 'n cheese ice creams have returned.

-Greatly enjoyed this history of mermaids in Japan.

How was March in your neck of the woods?

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