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Curator's Corner, January 2022

Curator's cornerWhew! It's been a while since Curator's Corner made an appearance. Links from January (and maybe a few from December.)

- I so wish I could see this exhibition of exquisite powder boxes. Fortunately there's an interview with the collector who amassed them all. And be sure to check out the catalog too!

- You might remember how much I loved MGSM's collab with Toilet Paper magazine all the way back in 2014. While I missed out on the eyelash curler tee, Toilet Paper now has its own beauty line, which is the next best thing.

- Semi-charmed kinda...nail? One of the weirdest '90s beauty crossovers is Third Eye Blind's collab with Smith & Cult, which re-named several of their nail polishes after songs from the band's debut album in honor of its 25th anniversary. Proceeds go to True Colors United, an organization combating homelessness in LGTBQ youth.

- Speaking of nails, Esquire covers the latest male polish brands. Sadly there was no mention of the history of male polish - does anyone remember Candy Man by Hard Candy? (My memory of Candy Man was jogged by seeing Smith & Cult, which is another beauty venture by Hard Candy founder Dineh Mojaher).

- It's not April Fool's Day yet but this Oscar Meyer bologna sheet mask had me thinking it arrived early.

- The makeup world is welcoming back Stila founder Jeanine Lobell, who just launched a beauty subscription box.

- Another blast from the past: Bobbi Brown sounds off on contouring via Tiktok. As an aside, I have to say that while Bobbi's new Jones Road line doesn't interest me much (ditto for Lobell's), it's good to see them returning to what they know best.

- Beauty trend predictions for 2022 include bejeweled embellishments (which personally I think have been trending since the start of the pandemic) and lots of green. I'm also predicting white, especially on eyes thanks largely to the look Peter Philips created at Dior's spring 2022 show.

The random:

- Drooling over this kitchen.

- More '90s nostalgia: Chumbawamba celebrated the 25th anniversary of their chart-topper "Tubthumping," and I'm gearing up for new series That '90 Show.

- I'm always fascinated by other collectors' interests, so naturally I'm wondering how much these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles will fetch at auction.

- This is from December, but I had to share since it was one of the few bright spots (literally) of 2021. The Alma Thomas show at the Phillips was truly amazing and I'm so happy not only that I got to see it but also that it was my first museum visit since February 2020. Excuse the crazy eyes and messy hair...I was completely overwhelmed, overstimulated and running around the gallery like a maniac.

Alma Thomas exhibition

How did the first month of 2022 treat you?

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