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Curator's Corner, September 2021

CC logoSome fall 2021 links...late as usual.

- This article makes me think I should try to watch more makeup tutorials.

- Enjoying this new weird beauty magazine. A MM collab would be so cool!

- My prediction a while back about face gems trending came to fruition at the Met Gala.

- FINALLY someone besides me calls out racist shade names in vintage makeup.

- More on the power of makeup in the age of facial recognition technology.

- Glad to see a new generation embracing such a classic shade, although it meant it was sold out for a while.

- The eternal question.

- Historic Black beauty brand Fashion Fair relaunched at Sephora. The Museum celebrated the occasion with a look back at their 1983 fall collection as featured in the September issue of Ebony that year.

Ebony magazine, September 1983

Ebony magazine, September 1983

The random:

- In '90s nostalgia, get ready for a Beanie Babies documentary and tours from both the Fugees and Pavement. Also check out this history of Black cinema in the early part of the decade. 

- Given how bad Instagram makes me feel, I'd argue that it's not only teens who are affected by it.

- I cannot wait to visit both of these mermaid museums, one of which is right here in Maryland.

- LOL.

How's fall been treating you so far?

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