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Curator's Corner, June 2021

CC logoLinks for the lovely long days of June.

- Unlike most other digital makeup, this actually seems fun.

- Move over, rainbow makeup. Here's a little piece on the importance of glitter for the LGBTQ+ community.

- In makeup history, L'Officiel had a fairly accurate, concise history of contouring.

- The acne positivity movement is gaining traction.

- Two predictions I made earlier are coming true: lipstick sales (and cosmetics sales in general) are taking off as the pandemic eases and makeup experimentation is continuing to rise.

- Do you remember the woman who got Gorilla Glue stuck to her scalp? I'm pleased to report she found a way to monetize the incident. With what she went through I'm glad she's making some money off it.

- Estée Lauder is getting into the men's makeup game.

This is why I don't trust the bulk of online reviews.

- Talk about a multi-use product.

The random:

- My former favorite band released yet another bad album. Admittedly I only listened to two songs from it, but that was more than enough for me. I feel so lost without them. :(

- On a happier note, how adorable was the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club show? Wasabi is a Pekingnese, not a pug, but still precious.

- Loved this roundup of vintage mermaid illustrations.

- Not traveling any time soon, but if I were it would be to New York to see this exhibition of sparkly jewelry animals and to London to see a show on Bridget Riley.

- I asked Museum staff to make a rainbow for Pride Month in exchange for some cookies. They were pretty happy to oblige, especially since I made their favorite summery cookies: lime sea-salt chocolate chunk.


How's your summer going?

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