Color Connection #43
Portrait perfect: A series of "fascinating women" from Dorothy Gray, part 1

Curator's Corner, February 2021

CC logoLinks for a busy February.

- It was Black History month, so that means major companies (Ulta, Sephora and Nordstrom, among others) are rolling out new diversity and inclusion initiatives. Time will tell whether they're in earnest or just crossing some items off their lists for Black History month. 

- Other anti-racism agendas within the industry include speaking out against anti-Asian racism and skin whitening.

- The Washington Post reports on the serious side of a viral TikTok beauty mishap. (Turmeric face mask staining is funny though.) Overall, I still hate TikTok but this was also an interesting read.

- Other things besides TikTok making me feel ancient: Chanel's new lip scanner and Clubhouse.

- I'm still wary of anything claiming to be "green," but refillable luxury packaging is something I can get behind.

- So sad to see Becca go. But Burberry's cool star makeup helped take the edge off, along with this adorable palette ring.

- Another reminder for me to update my post on faux freckles.

- This new book about the history of men's facial hair and grooming is on my wishlist.

- I had lots of new Museum acquisitions for the various celebrations in February, so here are some Instagram highlights. 

Lunar New Year picks:

Lunar New Year makeup 2021

Mary Quant crayons in honor of her birthday:

Mary Quant crayons, late 1960s-early 70s

Valentine's Day picks:

Valentines day makeup 2021

Twiggy lashes for National Lash Day:

Twiggy lashes by Yardley

The random:

- It was '90s week at Jezebel so you know I was all over that.  My favorite article involved the mystery of the oversized yet flattering suits worn by X-Files' Dana Scully.

- Some reflections on Linda Nochlin's groundbreaking essay "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?", which turns 50 this year.

- HBO has an interesting-looking documentary on influencer culture.

- On the local front, I must thank my friend Ally for alerting me to these painted salt boxes in Baltimore.  I wish there were some in our neighborhood!

How have you been?  Are you looking forward to spring?

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