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Curator's Corner, February 2020

CC logoLinks and other bits for the second month of 2020.

- The Fashion History Museum had a very helpful post that translated some new research on the history of beauty patches

I guess if the FDA won't thoroughly regulate beauty products, it's up to retailers.  Sephora announced new standards for CBD-infused products sold at their stores, which they hope will build customers' knowledge and trust in CBD products. I suppose it's a good thing but I still say most "clean beauty" stuff is a lie - I cannot roll my eyes any harder at Sephora's "Clean Beauty" section.

- '90s nostalgia continues full force in the beauty arena with Salt n Pepa's collection for Milani.

- I think black history should be incorporated year-round and so many magazines tend to highlight the same histories each February, but Allure went outside the box and brought the work of this beauty vlogger to my attention.  (Note to self: figure out what the hell TikTok is.)

- Makeup continues inching along towards accessibility for everyone thanks to Guide Beauty, founded by a makeup artist who was diagnosed with Parkinson's. 

- Jezebel highlights a trans beauty clinic in New York.  *insert applause here*  I am not, however, applauding the rise of beauty products intended for women's nether regions.  As if we haven't grown up with enough shame about our lady bits.

- Last month it was F-beauty, this time it's C-beauty.  Although unlike predictions for other countries, I can definitely see Chinese beauty brands taking off, or at least, they're on my radar to add to the Museum's collection - I know a handful are offering some truly amazing embossed products.

- Speaking of acquisitions, I'm really pleased with how the Museum's vintage Lancôme collection is coming along.  How perfect are these cheeky little cherubs for Valentine's Day?

Vintage Lancome makeup

The random:

- Two of the Curator's favorite TV shows returned in February, woohoo!

- An exhibition on Christian Louboutin sounds fantastic, and I must figure out how to incorporate a virtual tour for the Museum's exhibitions.

- In other museum news, I'm working on more MM Musings posts about diversity, inclusion and social change.  The amount of resources I've found so far is making my head spin, but I'm determined to give myself a crash course in these areas and figure out an action plan for the Makeup Museum.

- I managed to take a very quick trip to NYC to visit the Anna Sui show at the Museum of Art and Design, which was fabulous. My love for the '90s has never been stronger.

SBoB anna sui

How are you?  Did you do anything fun in February?

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