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Curator's Corner, January 2020

CC logoLinks and news for the first month of 2020.

- Enjoy this roundup of the beauty looks from the 1995 Oscars.

- The beauty market is so saturated, but this new line created specifically for people with albinism helps fill one of the gaps.

- Could F-beauty be the new K-beauty?  I feel like every week a new country is chosen as the successor.

- The Guardian had an article on the rise of the "tweakment", which was quite timely for me as I've just had my first round of fillers and my second round of Botox.  Unlike the author, however, obviously I'm not ashamed to tell people about it.

- There is a sizable beauty gamer community on Instagram, so it was only a matter of time before a makeup company seized the opportunity to co-opt it.

- I found this activist group an interesting counterpoint to Pinterest's new try-on feature.  (Can you tell I'm not fond of any app or game that involves facial recognition?)

- You knew it was coming.


The random:

- I adore anything mini, so was very excited to discover this artist making tiny replicas of interiors from various eras.

- Great little post about street art in fashion.  One of the chapters in my Art x Beauty book would definitely be the influence of graffiti in makeup.

- I rarely say this, but well-played, Baltimore. (In case you're wondering, it's a reference to this abomination.)

- You might remember my love for Maria Bamford's short-lived Netflix series Lady Dynamite.  Fortunately her most recent special is just as funny.

How is 2020 treating you thus far?

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