Mikimoto holiday 2019 detail

I have no information on how the Mikimoto collaboration came about.  I summoned my courage and emailed Evens to see if he could shed any light.  He politely declined to be interviewed, but I'm guessing that Mikimoto approached him as he indicated he does not know much about cosmetics.  I believe these are new illustrations Evens created especially for the brand, but I find it odd he hasn't included the collab on his website or IG page.  I'm also assuming they were done using his usual handmade techniques.  For The City of Belgium, he explains:  "All the drawings were done on paper and I write by hand. So the creative parts are all computer-less. Where the computer comes in is for research; when I want things to be 'right' or inspired by actual stuff, then I'll look something up... Ecoline [ink] dominates, but I use a mix. Now I have some different inks and, with the same brush, I'll also pick up gouache to make it what I want. Or, I'll mix it with real aquarelle. It all depends on what I'm searching for, what opacity or transparency I need to have. There will also be some pastels and, often, markers."  In looking closely at the lines and the way the colors overlap, it appears Evens did indeed draw everything by hand using a mix of markers and pastels on white paper.