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Curator's Corner, September 2019

CC logoI've been keeping up with links in Feedly but lacked the time to share them here.  I finally managed to pull something together for September.  Happy fall!

- I'm all for surgical cosmetic enhancements, but I'll keep my resting bitch face, thank you very much. 

- "Makeup brands largely ignore plus-size consumers in their imagery. The exclusion feels impossible to justify when one considers that lipstick and eyeshadow have no size limit." Refinery29 had an interesting piece on the lack of plus-sized models in makeup advertising. While I'm not plus-sized, my weight has definitely fluctuated several sizes and that's one of the reasons I love makeup so much - it always fits.  So it is indeed odd (and wrong) that we don't regularly see plus-sized models in campaigns.

- The original article is behind a pay wall (annoying) but fortunately Nylon summarized the Business of Fashion's report on the declining sales of major beauty brands.  One of the reasons they cited matches what a recent Yelp survey found: consumers are opting for skincare treatments over makeup. 

- In the seemingly never-ending battle between Ulta and Sephora to be the top beauty destination, it looks like Ulta is starting to get the upper hand.  I have to admit I've been shopping there a bit more in the past year or so...but I still like Sephora's samples better.  #sampletramp

- Another one to add to my makeup coffee table book wishlist.

The random:

- In '90s nostalgia, fall 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Friends.  Personally, I'm with this guy.

- I started following Atlas Obscura's feed and I love it!  They highlight museums I never would have known about otherwise.  Did you know there's a whole nutcracker museum?   

- In other museum-related news, an independent curator who has been extremely supportive of the Makeup Museum on Twitter is raising money to help him retrieve the few items that did not perish in the wildfires in his former hometown of Paradise.  Please consider donating. I know that if most of my collection and personal items were lost in a fire while I was on the other side of the country and I couldn't afford to go back to get whatever was left before my previous home was razed to the ground, I hope that people would help me.

- While I'm asking for favors, I might as well request that you continue to keep my parents in your thoughts.  While my dad has shown marked improvement on the cognitive side, physically he has not progressed much.  :(  These past 6 months since his stroke have continued to be incredibly difficult for both him and my mom, exacerbated by the short-sighted sale of my parents' house (and my childhood home - I'm still in shock that it's gone, and have shed many tears thinking about how my dad never got a chance to say goodbye to the house.) Please think of us and send any good energy and healing vibes you can spare. 

So as not to end on a down note, what are you looking forward to this fall?  I dread the short dark days, but I do love my pumpkin spice lattes and honeycrisp apples! 

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