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Quick post: Kicking off fall with Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe is a brand whose collections I look forward to each season.  This fall's theme, Moonlight on the Seine, is probably not as inspired as it could have been, but the resulting collection is solid nevertheless.  Here's the brief description provided by the company:  "The 2018 PAUL & JOE Autumn Creation encompasses the romanticism and mystery of the rippling reflection of the full moon on the Seine, the Pont Neuf’s streetlamps being silently lit, and the transient nightscape of Paris as evening deepens into night."   I like that they chose to focus on a peaceful evening rather than the hustle and bustle of city nightlife.  The prints are, of course, chock full of adorable kitties.  I picked up everything except the three compact cases, since they had the same prints as the lipstick cases.

Paul & Joe fall 2018 lipstick cases

I appreciated the star and crescent details on these Face and Eye Colors - definitely reminiscent of a starry Parisian night.

Paul & Joe fall 2018 face and eye colors

How cute is this case?  I always think Paul & Joe couldn't possibly come up with any more cat designs, but here we are.  I don't know how anyone could use it though, I imagine it would get dirty in one's purse very quickly.

Paul & Joe fall 2018 lipstick case

I couldn't identify the rose print on one of the face and eye colors, but was able to suss out the others pretty easily since they were all in the fall 2018 collection.

Paul & Joe fall 2018(images from vogue)

Paul & Joe fall 2018

This cat print is from the Sister fall 2018 collection and features one of Paul & Joe founder Sophie Mechaly's cats, Nounette. 

Paul & Joe Sister fall 2018

Paul & Joe Sister fall 2018

If I were 20 years younger I'd buy the purple version of this dress in a heartbeat.

Paul & Joe Sister fall 2018

The fluffy white kitty is Mechaly's other cat, unfortunately named G*psy, who appeared on several items in the regular fall collection (and many other prints over the years, as I found out via Paul & Joe's Instagram.) 

Paul & Joe fall 2018

Paul & Joe fall 2018
(images from 

Bad name aside, these two fluffballs are truly adorable!  Paul & Joe did a great job capturing their likeness in their prints.

Paul & Joe cat

Sophie Mechaly

Paul & Joe - Nounette

Paul & Joe cats
(images from and

Getting back to the makeup, while the decor was not as elaborate as that of their circus-themed Isetan exclusive collection, Paul & Joe still created an impressive "makeup street" in Osaka to welcome the collection.

Paul & Joe makeup street 2018

Paul & Joe makeup street 2018

Paul & Joe makeup street 2018

Paul & Joe makeup street 2018

Paul & Joe makeup street 2018
(images from instagram)

The selected prints don't seem particularly fall-like to me, but obviously the cute factor outweighs the seasonal inappropriateness.  And while I do think using some of the fashion collection's quirkier prints might have been interesting, the safer ones are probably best for a collection whose theme is a romantic, moonlit evening in Paris.


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