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Quick post: more springtime fun with Paul & Joe

Today I'm briefly sharing a very hard-to-get collection.  When PJ at A Touch of Blusher posted about these adorable lipstick cases from Paul & Joe, my heart sank as I saw they were exclusively available at Hankyu Umeda, a department store in Osaka.  While I have several personal shoppers at my disposal, all of them are based in Tokyo, and Osaka is quite a trek from there.  And since the items were only available to purchase in-store, nothing could not be ordered online or via phone by my trusty shoppers.  So how did I get my hands on these, you ask?  Well, a very sweet Instagram buddy of mine messaged me to let me know they had popped up at a Japanese auction site, so one of my shoppers was able to purchase them for me there and ship 'em straight into my eager collecting paws.  It's a springtime miracle!

There were compact cases also available, but I just picked up the lipstick cases since they had the same prints.

Paul & Joe Hankyu Umeda lipstick cases

Paul & Joe Hankyu Umeda lipstick cases

The jungle-kitten print seems to be a combination of several Paul & Joe Sister items.  While I don't see the cat in the print below, it did appear in a pair of embroidered shorts.

Paul & Joe Sister spring 2018

Paul & Joe Sister spring 2018
(images from paulandjoe.us)

I'm not sure where the leopard pattern on the red case originated, but the zebra and giraffe print is borrowed from the spring 2018 resort collection. 

Paul & Joe resort 2018

Paul & Joe resort 2018(images from vogue.com)

I'm so glad to have gotten my hands on these!  My love for this brand's packaging knows no bounds, and I would have been upset to have even more gaps in the Museum's Paul & Joe collection (I'm missing nearly all of their items from 2005 and earlier). 

What do you think of the prints?  And have you ever been overjoyed at acquiring a much-wanted item?


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