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Curator's Corner, 1/7/2018

CC logoBefore I get to the first batch of links for 2018, I want to thank everyone who commented here and on Instagram regarding my New Year's rant.  I was very heartened by your responses and appreciate your kind words and taking the time to weigh in.  Your support truly means the world to me!  I am going to keep up with the Museum for now, but will probably take a little break in February.   And in August, around the Museum's 10th blog-iversary, I'm still going to determine whether to pack it up.  In the meantime I hope I can continue to deliver content you enjoy.  :)

Enough blather, let's see what the first week of the new year on the interwebz had in store for us.

- My not-so-secret shame is pimple popping videos, so I'm looking forward to the queen of pimple popping's very own TV show.

- Racked had an excellent article on the importance of makeup for incarcerated women.

- First wacky trend and product of the new year goes to Halo Top-inspired hair and this poop-shaped highlighter.

- Makeup with a hidden feminist message?  Yes please.

- High five to this woman.

The random:

- In many ways 2017 was yet another dumpster fire, but here are 99 good things that actually happened.

- As a follow up to my musings on the Instagrammable museum, I must admit to feeling a bit of schauenfreude at this

- I just finished up Twin Peaks: The Return, so was delighted to see this article on the style of one of my favorite characters

- Elsewhere on the pop culture front, in addition to the fabulous Lady Dynamite, I have also discovered Haters Back Off on Netflix.  It's been canceled but worth catching up on, and definitely check out Miranda's YouTube videos.  Finally, horror movie fiend that I am, I've marked my calendar for Winchester.

How's 2018 treating you thus far?

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