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Curator's Corner, 11/12/2017

CC logoYou might be wondering at this point why I bother attempting to keep Curator's Corner going, given that I always end up back dating it.  Even though I can never post this recurring feature on time, I still feel the need to continue because it's a good way for me to stay on top of beauty trends and news - it's just easier, in my strange little mind, to keep track of such things this way.  So here are, as usual, some very late links. 

- Here's a belated 11th (!) blog-iversary shout-out to A Touch of Blusher!  May she keep blogging for many more years.

- Bust had a fascinating piece on what Victorian ladies used to keep their hair in place.

- Far be it for me to blame the victim, but I thought it was common knowledge to never, ever, EVER test cosmetics on any part of your face.  Hands and arms only, people. 

- The latest crazy trends making the rounds were brow heart cut-outs, Lacroix beverage-inspired hair color and some rather unappealing and surprisingly realistic-looking pimple nail art.  One trendy item I did like was this mock Stranger Things-inspired palette. I have so many ideas along these lines, I wish I had Photoshop skills to make mock-ups!

- Meanwhile, companies are coming up with even more extreme products such as whiskey-scented deodorant and a KFC-scented bath bomb. I'm eternally grateful the latter is only available in Japan, as it sounds even more gross than the nail polish.

- Like makeup destruction videos, these clips of people cutting up LUSH bubble bars make me upset rather than soothed.

- I can't believe no one thought of this before.

The random:

- As with makeup, we're seeing an awful lot of food novelties - glitter cappuccinos seem to be the new foam art, while Pepsi has introduced a salted caramel flavor as well as a cake flavor, which, like the KFC bath bomb, is Japan-exclusive. 

- This photography/art project seems like a more involved version of one of my favorite Instagram accounts

- In '90s nostalgia, congrats are in order for the "Bee Girl" star of Blind Melon's video for their 1993 hit "No Rain".  But what's even more exciting is that Bikini Kill reunited for the first time in 20 years, something I would have given my eye teeth to see (along with their original performances, of course).

- Pineapple fiend that I am, I'm totally on board with this new holiday decorating trend and plan on adding it to our decor this year. :)

How have you been?  Are you gearing up for the holidays?





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