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Curator's Corner, 12/18/2016

CC logoA very long overdue link roundup.

- In cosmetics history, these vintage lipstick and powder-making videos have been making the rounds. (I actually received an inquiry about the latter asking if I knew whether the machine was in any museums!)

- As a follow up to my post on "active beauty" it seems the trend isn't fading next year, as Tarte will be debuting an entire line of "athleisure" cosmetics.  Apparently this and other products from Supergoop and First Aid beauty will be part of "Sephora's initiative spotlighting athleisure merchandise for early 2017."  (Yes I know the WWD article is behind a paywall but I did manage to get that much information from the article intro via Feedly).  Also, Racked basically came to the same conclusion I did about athleisure makeup.

- Move over, 100 layers: the new trend is using just one thing to make up your whole face, be it glitter or food.  Speaking of which, check out this Nutella hair dye and chocolate manicure.  As for me, I was more impressed by these amazing art history nails.

- Korean beauty usually gets all the attention in terms of the most popular innovations to take over the Western world, but China has also carved out a notable place in the Western beauty stratosphere. 

- I thought we had seen the holiday lights beard trend before, but I was getting it mixed up with the beard ornaments fad of 2014.

- Don't know whether to laugh or cry at people's confusion of bath bombs with toilet cleaners.  On the one hand it's amusing, on the other hand, how dumb do you have to be?  But this is definitely funny since no one was hurt. 

The random:

- The more I read about hygge, the more I realize I've been trying to achieve it for years (especially with last year's holiday/winter exhibition.) 

- On the museum front, check out this list of the world's most bizarre museums (there were a few I didn't know about!), along with this Japanese museum of rocks that look like faces and the first burger museum in the U.S.

- Oh, shut up Jezebel.  Mermaid blankets are awesome.  Also, since we now have unicorn hot chocolate, how about mermaid hot chocolate?

- August can't come quickly enough!  Also, here's a sweet little piece on the family dynamics of Bob's Burgers.

How are you?  I'm still sick, meh.  But I'm determined to be healthy in time for Christmas!

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