One of a kind? Armani fall 2016 runway palette
Curator's Corner, 10/16/2016 (plus fall exhibition note)

Fall 2016 haul

Happy weekend and happy fall!  And once again I've outdone myself.  This time I'm blaming Instagram - everything just looks so pretty I simply have to buy it.  Here's what I'm wearing this season.


Speaking of Instagram, nearly everything in the photo above has been featured on my account so you can check it out there (also, right now I'm at 99 followers - won't you help me get to 100?!) I've included links to the pics below.  :)

The full loot list:

Whew!  Here are a couple things that I haven't shown previously. 

Bobbi Brown Flame lipstick and Union Jack eyeliner

MAC Bird of Prey and The Naked Time pressed pigments

MUFE Artist Rouge lipsticks

Becca Slimlights

Marc Jacobs Blacquer lipstick and Tabboo eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury Tell Laura

What did you get for fall?

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