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Quick post: Paul & Joe fall collection, part 2

We're having more fashion fun today!  In addition to the Looney Tunes lineup, Paul & Joe released a regular fall collection.  This year's theme was "a stroll in the park".  Can't say I really see it but the collection does offer a nice array of the usual pretty patterns.

Paul & Joe fall 2016 makeup

Paul & Joe fall 2016 makeup

Paul & Joe fall 2016 makeup

Paul & Joe fall 2016 lipstick cases

Once I saw the bird on the tube of the lipstick refills I had to get a couple, which I normally don't do!

Paul & Joe fall 2016 lipsticks

Just when you thought Paul & Joe couldn't possibly put cats into any other form of makeup, they surprised us with these precious cat-shaped highlighter pieces. 

Paul & Joe fall 2016 highlighters

Beautyhabit.com gave me the usual complimentary bag.  At this rate I could probably do an entire exhibition just of Paul & Joe bags...not that I'm complaining, of course - I love collectible GWPs.

Paul & Joe fall 2016 makeup bag

As with previous offerings, some of the prints appear to be newly designed just for the makeup, and some were borrowed from the latest season's fashion collection. 

Paul & Joe fall 2016

Paul & Joe fall 2016(images from paulandjoe.com)

Oddly enough, the bird print was borrowed from the spring 2015 collection.  Paul & Joe has done this before, however.

Paul & Joe spring 2015(images from vogue.com)

I don't have anything else to add except that Paul & Joe did another nice job with this collection.  The holiday 2016 collection looks equally fun.  :)

What do you think?

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