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Burberry fall 2016 runway palette

Curator's Corner, 9/18/2016

CC logoHaving been in survival mode due to work for the past month, I'm hoping to return to some sort of normalcy in terms of this little museum.  In the meantime, here are lots of delightful links to catch up on. :)

- I mentioned this pumpkin spice latte-inspired highlighter and pumpkin spice scented cuticle oil to the husband, who quipped, "What's next?  Pumpkin spice highlights?"  Turns out he was right on the money

- Collecting Vintage Compacts had some thorough (as usual) posts on Jonteel and Vivaudou, while Another Magazine had a great history of Max Factor and a lovely profile of legendary makeup artist Way Bandy.  And speaking of legendary makeup artists, Kevyn Aucoin is getting the documentary treatment.

- The latest and craziest fads trending on social media include helix eyeliner, shoulder and ear makeup, bun-dropping, and body marbling.  Additionally, the 100-layers frenzy rages on, as do contouring parody videos.

- NYFW makeup trends I liked:  cocoa glitter lips and '80s pinkDreadlocks on white folks (without even acknowledging the culture they came from) and porn-inspired makeup, not so much.

The random:

- If I had money to burn, you better believe I'd buy this set in a heartbeat.  Interestingly, Lagerfeld is famous for using Shu Uemura makeup to sketch, so collaborating with a traditional colored pencil brand was a little unexpected.

- In '90s nostalgia, Oasis is also getting a documentary, while Broadly had a good history of The Blair Witch Project.  And sadly, we lost the actor/actress who had small but significant roles in Pulp Fiction and The Wedding Singer, two of my favorite '90s movies.

- Just added this to my book wishlist.

How have you been?  Are you excited for fall?



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