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Curator's Corner, 7/31/2016

CC logoYour bi-weekly link roundup. 

- Arabelle wrote an excellent piece on beauty product names for Racked.  I had been playing around with a post on names for about 2 years and never did anything with it - this article is everything I wanted to say but much more eloquent than I could be. 

- Fashionista has a decent history of tanning.  It's good but once again I prefer Autumn's thoughts on the subject.

- Looks like we've hit full saturation on the 100 layers of makeup craze.  Previously we've seen nail polish and liquid lipstick, and now beauty vloggers have covered foundation, brow products, highlighter and face masks, along with the whole shebang.

- I've always maintained that eyelash curlers were totally harmless.  I guess this proves me wrong.

- I don't think we've ever seen beauty products this close up before.  So cool!

The random:

- So much '90s stuff my head is about to explode.  In a good way, of course.  :)  Milestones include the 20-year anniversary of Sublime's self-titled album and Fiona Apple's Tidal (and check out this remake of the video for "Criminal"), along with Tickle Me Elmo.  Also, South Park will debut its 20th (!) season, Third-Eye Blind came out of retirement, The Blair Witch Project is finally getting the sequel it deserves, MTV is launching a "classics" channel that will run '90s favorites Beavis & Butthead, Daria, etc., there will be a '90s-themed concert with the likes of Biz Markie and Lisa Loeb to celebrate the return of Crystal Pepsi, and I couldn't stop laughing at this footage of politicians doing the macarena at the 1996 DNC.  Finally, it's hard to believe that just 21 years ago the thought of a woman being president was considered "offensive".

- On the more current pop culture front, I'm not sure how I feel about one of my favorite TV shows getting Americanized.  But I am super excited for the new seasons of American Horror Story and Documentary Now. Also, there might be a show about mermaids.  Eeee-vil mermaids!

- Speaking of mermaids, I clearly require one of these crowns.

How are you doing? 

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