Curator's Corner, 6/12/2015
MM Mailbag: they don't make nail buffer packaging like this anymore

Setting sail with Paul & Joe

This will be another quick post since I don't have much to say, other than that Paul & Joe serves up some cuteness for summer yet again. 

Paul & Joe summer 2016 makeup

You know you can't resist the cat lipsticks...

Paul & Joe summer 2016 lipsticks

Unfortunately I think the one the left is missing his eyeball!  Poor little fella, blind in one eye.  Fortunately his whiskers will help with balance and depth perception, right?  (Yes, I am concerned about his vision...but I'm trying to remember that it's just a lipstick and the cat isn't actually, you know, alive).  And I also have more of these from the fall 2015 collection.

Paul & Joe summer 2016 lipsticks

The palettes were predictably adorable.  I especially loved the interiors - can't beat dolphins and boat-shaped eye shadows.

Paul & Joe summer 2016 palette 001

Paul & Joe summer 2016 palette

Paul & Joe summer 2016 palette 002

Interestingly, the prints for the second and third palettes are taken from the resort 2015 collection.  I'm not sure why they used it, but I guess it made for a good summer collection and they had already borrowed things from both their spring 2016 and 2015 collections.

Paul & Joe resort 2015

Paul & Joe summer 2016 palette 003

Paul & Joe resort 2015

Finally, there was this face powder, adorned with illustrations of vintage bathing beauties and playing card motifs in a cheerful yellow, white and red pattern.

Paul & Joe summer 2016 powder

This was also taken from last year's resort collection.

Paul & Joe resort 2015

Beautyhabit was giving out this clutch as a gift-with-purchase.  You might remember this print from the summer 2014 blotting sheets.  This is easily one of my favorite Paul & Joe prints so I was very pleased to get my grubby little paws on it.

Paul & Joe GWP bag

So what do you think?  Not their most inspired but as usual, it delivers a burst of summer fun with some delightful prints.  I have a feeling, however, that their fall collections are going to take the cake. ;)



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