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Curator's Corner, 6/5/2016

CC logoI can't believe I didn't get any posts up this week.  I won't explain why but suffice it to say I've been very overwhelmed lately.  Hopefully I'll keep up this week!  Now for some links.

- Loved this piece on aging by Autumn. (Also, have you ordered her new book yet?!)

- As with magnifying mirrors, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with this next level wifi enabled mirror.

- In somewhat depressing but not unsurprising news, women who wear makeup tend to have higher salaries than their non-made-up counterparts.

- Move over, rainbow highlighter - thermal is where it's at.  Also, if you're in the mood for an alien effect, try using highlighter as your only makeup.

- More crazy/fun stuff includes using honey as a face wash (somewhat legit), famous paintings rendered in hair, and from the man who brought us snack-food inspired makeup, another contouring parody, this time involving a burrito (yes, you read that correctly.)

- If you need a dose of makeup history, check out the Glamourologist's posts on lipstick pads and stencils, along with this Reddit user's middle school makeup collection from the '90s.  I'd love to get my hands on it!

The random:

- Always happy to see an interview with one of my heroes.

- Behold, the world's ugliest color.

- People, please stop touching the art and watch your kids instead of filming them.  But at least there was some good/funny news in the art world.

What's new with you?  Are you excited for summer?


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