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Curator's Corner, 6/19/2016

CC logoThis week's links. 

- I've always been fascinated by makeup product names, and this name generator is easily one of the funniest makeup-related things I've seen, like, ever.  (Also, Autumn's book officially releases Tuesday!  I'm patiently waiting for my pre-order to show up.)

- What possessed this woman to apply 100 coats of polish to her nails is beyond me, but it was an interesting result nonetheless.  In other nail news, these beautifully detailed cityscapes give new meaning to the term "nail art". 

- You knew it was just a matter of time before the rainbow trend extended from brows and lashes to eye liner.

- Refinery29 brings us a really cool photography exhibition on braids.

- In beauty history, the Glamourologist features a truly stunning early 2oth-century patch box that I'd kill to have in the Museum's collection, while Glamour Daze has a great little read on traditional geisha lip color (and did you know that there's a small museum run by the manufacturers of one of these lip colors in Tokyo?!  You can actually learn to apply it and buy it too.  Must make a pilgrimage.)

- Hey, jealousy: a new study seems to indicate that women are jealous of other women who wear makeup.  Meanwhile, Influenster polled over 5,000 millennial women to get their thoughts on the beauty industry and their own beauty practices.  The results were largely unsurprising; however, I did find it odd that pink won as the most popular color for nail polish - I thought millennials would be geared to a more non-traditional color. 

The random:

- Art Daily rounds up some cool shows I want to see, including one devoted to cats in ancient Egypt and a retrospective of shoes that spans over 2,000 years.

- In '90s nostalgia, Beck's Odelay turns 20, and an artist created an entire series of mixed-media works based on the 1993 film True Romance.

- My favorite old crank and spirit animal will be returning for another season.

- Finally, even though my dad refuses to get online despite my best efforts, he's still the greatest dad so I'm wishing him a very happy Father's Day!

How was your week?  And what was your lipstick's name?  Mine was Jungian Bosom.  :D






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