Color Connection #34
Curator's Corner, 6/12/2015

Quick post: summer fun from Anthro


I was browsing Anthropologie a few weeks ago and came across the latest collaboration for the store's Artist Studio line.  This time Anthro teamed up with UK-based illustrator Lou Taylor for some truly fun summer goodies.  More from Anthro's website:  "Brighton-based illustrator Lou Taylor draws inspiration from midcentury fashion illustrations, Busby Berkeley dance routines and pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Patrick Caulfield. Her motifs repeat instantly iconic images against citrus-bright backgrounds for an eye-catching, joyful effect."  In both the short video above and in the prints used for this collaboration I can definitely see these influences, particularly Busby Berkeley's "By A Waterfall" number from 1933.

I didn't buy everything but I sure wanted to!

Lou Taylor for Anthropologie summer 2016

Lou Taylor for Anthropologie summer 2016

Lou Taylor for Anthropologie summer 2016

Lou Taylor for Anthropologie summer 2016

How cute are these mini printed nail files?!

Lou Taylor for Anthropologie summer 2016

Taylor's illustrations are produced on a variety of items, with brooches being the most popular.  Many of the prints for the Anthro collection were borrowed from her bather-themed Lido line.

Swimmers scarf by Lou Taylor

Bather brooch by Lou Taylor

One of Taylor's favorite muses is Carmen Miranda, who appeared on the Tahitian Monoi fragrance packaging for the Anthro line.  Here she is in brooch form.

Carmen Miranda brooch by Lou Taylor

Lou Taylor for Anthropologie Tahitian Monoi

Some of her other work...we just need some Abbi and Ilana earrings and we'll be all set!

Yas Kween brooch by Lou Taylor

Here is the artist's ode to her favorite film, Pretty in Pink:

Andie brooch by Lou Taylor

Duckie brooch by Lou Taylor

But I think the one that rings my bells the most is Taylor's Lipstick City items from her Pop collection, for obvious reasons.

Lipstick necklace by Lou Taylor

Lipstick print by Lou Taylor(images from

Taylor tells Anthropologie, "A lot of [my artistic process] happens in my mind—I’m always planning and daydreaming. When I sit down to sketch, it’s pretty much a finished design. I create papercuts of my work first so I can play with patterns in real life as well as digitally...My mum is a painter and has been a source of constant inspiration in my life. I think I’ve always had a paintbrush or pair of scissors in my hand. I took the plunge and went full-time four years ago, and I’ve never looked back!"  Here's to many more of her whimsical creations.

Will you be picking up anything from this collection?  In addition to the Anthropologie items I have my eye on that lipstick necklace, or maybe the earrings (yes, she ships to the U.S.!)





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