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Curator's Corner, 5/8/2016

CC logoLinks for the week.

- This 80-year-old proves you're never too old to wear lots of makeup. 

- Allure rounds up the best beauty looks from the Met Gala, while Teen Vogue analyzes Gigi Hadid's $2,000 manicure she wore for the event.

- In hair news, gems are back and furry-chested men can rejoice.  If you still need more '90s beauty trends, you're in luck:  Bath and Body Works will be bringing back its most popular scents from the decade.

- Despite nasty allergic reactions and salon treatment mishaps, "natural" products really aren't any better for you.

- Tastes like chicken.

The random:

- One of my favorite aspects of the '90s was its sketch comedy, so naturally I liked this article on The State.

- My brain is hyper-sensitive to all things Star Wars-related due to planning an epic Star Wars themed birthday party for my niece, so I appreciated this history of Star Wars Day.

- A tip for climbing up to a priceless statue and taking a selfie with it: DON'T.

Happy Mother's Day!



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