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Curator's Corner, 5/1/2016

CC logoHappy May!  Here are this week's links. 

- By far the biggest news of the week is that Dyson will be releasing a hair dryer.  Beauty Geek  answers your most pressing questions about it. 

- "Non-touring" is the latest iteration of both contouring and the no-makeup look.  Speaking of the latter, Sephora is now offering no-makeup makeup classes.  Sigh.

- In men's grooming, the "dentist beard" is the latest trend, and this UK company's revenue shows that makeup for men is slowly inching its way towards the mainstream.

- Too lazy to give yourself a pedicure?  These stockings have you covered.

- Mental Floss investigates the phenomenon known as "mascara face". 

- Bet you didn't know your curling iron could do this.

- In case MAC's Vibe Tribe collection wasn't crappy enough for you, Urban Outfitters managed to make shampoo offensive.  SMH.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful":  here's a nice round-up of vintage beauty commercials.

The random:

- In '90s news, MTV is bringing back both Unplugged and Cribs.  Alas, Loveline is no more.

- See, art history isn't totally useless.  In other art news, John Tremblay is getting a solo show in Paris - you might remember him from this 2006 Shu Uemura collaboration.

- Eater explains the latest obsession with rainbow food.

- As you may know, mermaids are good friends with jellyfish, so I was delighted to see this newly discovered neon one swimming about 2.3 miles beneath the ocean's surface.

How are you?  Are you as excited for summer as I am?



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