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Curator's Corner, 4/10/2016

CC logoAnother mega round-up of links. 

- Some very fascinating snippets of the history of the hair dryer.  

- When all else fails in your budget, buy lipstick

- This new TV show sounds good. 

- Stop with the ridiculous contouring already!  Also, to the CIA:  please don't spy on us via skincare.

- Here's an interesting piece on how social media is shaping the beauty industry, as well as one on the possible damage it does on body image.  Fortunately, at least one designer is fighting back.

- There continues to be forward momentum for diversity in the beauty industry, but we're still not there yet.

- Never send a civilian to do a makeup addict's job.  Also hilarious:  Will Ferrell's sunscreen (yes, it's real - you can buy it!) and an honest makeup ad.

- Is anyone really surprised by this?

- Cuteness!

The random:

- Lots of '90s nostalgia!  Hanson's "Mmmbop" turned 20, the Spice Girls may be reuniting, all your '90s favorites are going on tour, and Jonah Hill has a '90s-set movie in the works.  As for the '80s, I'm wishing The Money Pit a very happy 30th anniversary.

- I thought this was an April Fool's joke but was sadly mistaken.  Kids, if you're going to protest, please make sure it's about something worthwhile.   I would have killed to have a Henry Moore sculpture on my college campus.  Plus, it was a gift to the university, not anything their tuition dollars paid for.  Quit whining, you spoiled brats.  *shakes cane at young'uns*

What's new with you?



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