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Pop goes the butterfly: Paul & Joe spring 2016

Curator's Corner, 3/20/2015

CC logoHappy spring!!  I was really hoping to get the exhibition up this weekend, but realized 1. I wasn't going to have time and 2. one of the objects I ordered hasn't made it to Museum headquarters yet.  Anyway, here are this week's links.

- The Museum's very own Stila paint can collection was featured at one of my favorite blogs!

- This sheet mask is the stuff of nightmares.

- Apply a full face of makeup while giving birth?  Sure, why not.

- These guys readied their beards for spring, which I'd say was very successful.  These guys tried contouring, which didn't work quite as well.  To be fair, I find contouring to be pretty tricky and have never attempted it so I'd probably be no better.

- Spray-on nail polish is the newest craze.  I want to try it since it seems quicker and easier than regular polish.

- LOL!  I just hope the poor little thing didn't get sick.

The random:

- Vice Broadly gives us an interesting history of how pink became associated with femininity

- Sleater-Kinney's Call the Doctor turned 20.  Yay!

- Desperately wish these feminist art history emojis were real.  In more art history fun, did you know that the Twitter logo is actually 35,000 years old?

What's been going on with you?  Are you excited for spring?




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