Curator's Corner, 3/6/2016
Couture Monday: Dior's Glowing Garden

Curator's Corner, 3/13/2016

CC logoI know, I know, two Curator's Corners back to back.  But I will return to regular blogging tomorrow, and the spring exhibition will be here next weekend.  :) In the meantime, here are this week's links.

- Racked examines the not-so-great history of beauty pageants, while Refinery29 presents a fascinating interview with a cosmetic chemist.

- Loved Chanel's quilted eye shadow effect for their fall 2016 show. 

- More beauty mosaics, this time with old nail polish bottles.  Note to self:  feature this in a Makeup as Muse post. ;)

- The latest trends include using a Beautyblender for "hair strobing" and a yet another new contouring technique known as "3D tanning".

- Congrats to the first cohort of women who were accepted into Sephora's Accelerate program - they have lots of innovative ideas!  Now if only someone could solve the environmental damage that's being done by the big personal care companies.

- I breathed a big sigh of relief once I saw who Nars is collaborating with this holiday season - it's not Terry Richardson, which I had feared.

- I disagree with a lot of things in this piece on little girls wearing makeup.

- If I had a cat I would so get him/her Soft Paws!

- Haha.

The random:

- In '90s nostalgia, the classic Coen brothers film Fargo turns 20, and Garbage announced a new album and tour.

- The title and date for Amy Schumer's book have been announced.  Woot!

- Finally, the husband alerted me to these socks at J. Crew.  I know they're men's socks but I simply had to have them!  Here's big Sailor Babo modeling them.  He was the perfect model as he and the other sailor plushies have seen many a mermaid at sea.

Mermaid socks

How was your week?

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