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Curator's Corner, 2/7/2016

CC logoCatching up on some links.

- Here's a fascinating, although too brief, article on ancient Roman beauty habits.  I want to buy the author's book now!  Also enjoyed this post at Collecting Vintage Compacts.

- Speaking of vintage compacts, see the original Estée Lauder gift-with-purchase compact.

- I should probably update my faux freckles post to include the new rainbow freckles trend and its offshoot, glitter freckles.  I also wonder how long it'll take for the black light makeup fad to turn into glow-in-the-dark freckles.

- Hair trends include checkerboard hair and the delectable cinnamon swirl hair.  Also, this stylist recreates art masterpieces using hair as a canvas

- The average woman spends 22 and a half minutes getting ready every day. I take about the same amount of time...if you add an hour. :P

- In stupid beauty inventions, we have a completely inefficient automatic lipstick machine and a rather unnecessary wearable nail polish holder. (Just put the bottle on a counter or the floor - I really don't know what the point of a special holder is.)

- Anti-grooming has made its debut as the men's equivalent of the no-makeup look.

- This is one '90s beauty technique I don't remember.

- The future of beauty marketing? No, not plasticsMakeover apps are the way to go. Case in point: Sephora's new lipstick try-on app.

- It's about time MAC came out with their own rewards program.

The random:

- I had always meant to write an essay on Riot Grrrl fashion/style as a followup to my thesis, but AnOther beat me to it. 

- Murdering plushies just for a few seconds of entertainment is so cruel. :(  Also cruel is the fact that no one likes my name anymore (although this wasn't exactly news to me, sigh).

- The season 3 Broad City trailer is way funnier than my smackdowns.  Also funny (for Simpsons fans, anyway) is this truly magical website.

How have you been?

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