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Curator's Corner, 1/17/2016

Into the MM archives: Stila Look of the Month palettes

When I was re-organizing the Museum's collection storage I realized I had never featured these Stila Look of the Month palettes.  Plus I figured it would be a good follow-up to my vintage zodiac compact post from last week.

In early 2004 Stila released the first of 12 adorable 3-pan palettes sold exclusively at Nordstrom.  They sold for $8 each empty, and for every month Stila recommended specific eye shadows and blush pans from their line to go in the palettes along with other products that would complement the palette items. While mine are not in mint condition, they're in pretty good shape considering that 1. they're over 10 years old at this point; 2. they're made of laminated cardboard, which isn't the sturdiest material; and 3.  I (stupidly) actually used them to house eye shadows for a period of time before moving them to metal palettes.  I totally couldn't remember the suggested shades for each one, but fortunately a very helpful reviewer at MUA listed them all.  Many things are long discontinued, which I've marked with an asterisk.

Here are January and February.  January's suggested shades:  Shore* and Pewter eye shadows, Bloom blush*Other items to go with the colors in the palette:  Grapefruit Lip Glaze, and All Over Shimmer #7 (All Over Shimmers were pressed highlighting powders.)

February's shades:  Cassia*, Shell and Poise eye shadows.  Other items:  Lillium Convertible Color and Demi Pink Twinset* (the Twinsets were double-ended products with a matte lip shade on one end and a high-shine gloss on the other that could be layered together or worn separately.)

Stila Look of the Month palettes - January and February

March's shades: Wheat, Sage* and Espresso eye shadows.  Other items:  Nude Flash*, Praline Lip Glaze

April: Charm* and Cassis eye shadows, Cozy blush*.  Other items:  Fig Lip Glaze*, All Over Shimmer #1*

Stila Look of the Month palettes - March and April

May:  Launey*, Sun and Twig eye shadows.  Other items:  Gerbera Convertible Color, Spangle Lip Polish*

June:  Chinois and Jade eye shadows, Tint blush*.  Other items:  Twinkle Lip Polish*

  Stila Look of the Month palettes - May and June

July: Ray*, Sun and Twig eye shadows

August:  Nude* and Puppy eye shadows, Soar* blush

Stila Look of the Month palettes - July and August

September:  Wheat, Golightly and Java eye shadows.  Other items:  Teak Convertible Eye Color*, Water Lily Rouge Pot*, Gleam Lip Polish*

October:  Oasis, Jezebel* and Mood* eye shadows.  Other items:  Clove Convertible Eye Color*, Amaryllis Rouge Pot*, Praline Lip Glaze, Illuminating Powder Foundation

Stila Look of the Month palettes - September and October

November:  Heather*, Viola* and Pigalle* eye shadows.  Other items:  Berry Convertible Eye Color*, Rose Convertible Color, Fraise Lip Pot*, Illuminating Liquid Foundation

December:  Twilight* and Storm* eye shadows, Cozy blush*.  Other items:  Pomegranate Lip Glaze*, Illuminating Liquid Foundation, All Over Shimmer #8*

Stila Look of the Month palettes - November and December

I simply adore how each illustration perfectly corresponds to its respective month.  The names of the months aren't listed but you can easily tell which is which, or at the very least, which of the four seasons it belongs to.  I like to think of them as a modern, fun version of medieval Labors of the Months - but no work, only play for these stylish Stila ladies.  I also love that the patterns continue on the inside of the palettes. 

Stila 3 pan palette

I would greatly enjoy telling you more about the artist responsible for these particular Stila girls, but that's a special exhibition story for another time. ;)

What do you think?  I know I am seriously pining for Stila's glory days, when they were chock full of these incredibly cute illustrations. Also, if you're curious about any of the discontinued eye shadow shades, I can tell you about those as I own nearly all of them - they still apply flawlessly. 



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