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Curator's Corner, 1/24/2016

CC logoLinks for the week, plus a bonus pic of the epic blizzard we had!

- Autumn discusses eyelash extensions and provides an excellent history of our efforts to make them longer and lusher. 

- Hair trends for the week include color melting and glow in the dark hair, plus "man" braids (spoiler alert: they're no different than lady braids.) 

- Sephora introduces its new Accelerate program, which helps female entrepreneurs get started in the beauty biz.  Meanwhile, Shiseido proves it's one of the most progressive and innovative brands out there.

- Beauty fails this week: this poor woman misused a LUSH product (hey, at least her skin will go well with MAC's new Flamingo Park collection) and Cosmo rounds up a bunch of  hair dye mishaps.

- Loved these very creative snack-inspired makeup looks!

- Couldn't stop laughing at this.

The random:

- I think "White Rabbit" was my favorite of all these S-K covers.

- Along those lines, Portlandia started its final season this week (sniff), so here's an interview with Carrie and Fred.

- Yesterday I posted about Manet's Olympia.  This performance artist actually recreated it in the Musée d'Orsay (and was subsequently arrested).

- In '90s nostalgia, this past Friday marked the 18th anniversary of the premiere of Spice World, and Refinery29 presents an argument for Baby Spice being the best Spice Girl.

- Finally, Baltimore got 29 inches of snow!  I think that's even more than we got in the big storm of 2010.

Blizzard 2016

Sailor Babo and Yeti had a good time playing and enjoyed some hot chocolate.

How was your week?  If you're on the East coast, what was your blizzard experience like?

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