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MM Musings, vol. 22: a different kind of beauty school

Curator's Corner, 1/17/2016

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- I can't say I was an avid fan of Bowie, but I definitely admired him - he was a strange guy but not for the sake of being strange.  He was authentically weird, and I loved that. Here's a look back at some of his most memorable makeup ensembles.

- Less pop, more fizz:  Korea's latest trend is carbonated face masks

- Speaking of trends, hair fads this week include snowlights and watercolor hair.  Also, I thought we were leaving the contouring craze back in 2015, but XO Vain walks us through yet another permutation of the trend.

- In addition to enjoying an arsenal of privileges, a new study shows that pretty girls also receive better grades. Er, did we really need a study for that?  While the news is completely unsurprising and also depressing, I take comfort in the fact that as a non-pretty person, I can conclude that my excellent academic record was earned purely on merit.

- Why this guy stole over $1,600 worth of Essie nail polish is beyond me, but we do know it's not the first nail polish heist

- In beauty history, did you know there was once a competition in which women were measured to see who most resembled a famous ancient sculpture?  Yikes.  I suppose that's better than these fad diets, however.  Anyway, I liked how the Glamourologist looked at lipstick in a 1931 film.

- I can't believe this ad exists in 2016.  As a corollary, while searching for vintage compacts I stumbled across hard evidence that blackface was a real thing that white people really did.  I mean, I knew that already but seeing the actual product was mind-blowing.

- Just a reminder that lip balm shouldn't cause your lips to bleed

The random:

- MoMA highlights the work of one of the Curator's favorite artists.

- Fashionista takes a look at two intriguing fashion exhibitions: one on the history of plus-sized fashion and the other on fairy tale style.

- In '90s nostalgia, one author explains why 1995 was the best year for movies.  I'm not sure I agree since Pulp Fiction was released in 1994, but it's a good argument nevertheless. 

- I don't know how one could possibly leave a beloved plushie behind, but if it does happen to you, hopefully people will take excellent care of him/her like this hotel staff did for one little girl's stuffed rabbit.  Too cute.

How was your week?

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