Hello, 2016: Museum goals update
Group portrait: Shu Uemura cleansing oils

Collection storage reorganization and updated inventory

While I'm perpetually in a state of frustration over not getting enough done on the Makeup Museum, I did manage to complete one important task over the holidays:  re-organize the collection's storage.  My goal was to clear out the random stuff I had shoved in the storage space underneath our bed and move more things into there, but actually be strategic about it this time.  Here's what it looked like before.  AAAAHHHH!!

Collection under-bed storage - before

Collection under-bed storage - before

Since I prefer to arrange the collection alphabetically (for the most part) I decided that every brand beginning with the letters N through Z would go under the bed, along with all vintage items and ads.  For some weird reason I wanted to keep the Paul & Joe stuff in its drawer in my closet, which as you may remember, shared the space with Stila.

Collection storage drawer - before

One of the biggest chores to tackle in the reorganization effort was moving the Shu stuff, which used to be housed in these drawers in the hall closet. Fifty-one cleansing oils are pretty time-consuming to transfer since they're significantly bigger and heavier than small palettes and eye shadows.

Collection storage - before

Collection storage - before

Here's the after under-bed storage.  Much better!

Collection under-bed storage - after

And the Paul & Joe collection before and afters.  You poor thing, you're all messy and disheveled after I removed the Stila items!  Let's get you tidied up.

Collection storage drawer - before

There you go.  And there's still more room for you to spread out, which is good since I will be adding the spring 2016 collection momentarily.

Collection storage drawer - after

Finally, I updated the collection inventory, which took forever since not only did I have to add a plethora of items that had accumulated since the last time I updated it (I let it go way too long, oops) but also change the locations of everything I had moved.  You can check it out here.  Nearly 800 items and counting!

So while collection organization and inventorying aren't the most interesting or glamorous things about curating, it had to be done, since, frankly, they're what separates us collectors from the hoarders.  (Seriously, I'm a rabid American Pickers fan and I swear some of the people they visit on the show are full-on hoarders - you can't find anything in their so-called "collections".)

What do you think of the reorganization effort?  Besides the fact that I might possibly have too much makeup.  ;)


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