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Marcel Wanders for Cosme Decorte 2015: The Secret Nymph (and a special holiday surprise!)

Curator's Corner, 12/27/2015

CC logoIf you celebrate Christmas, I hope Santa was good to you!  If not, I hope you had a great week.  I had a nice time visiting my parents and made out like a bandit present-wise, which I'll be posting about shortly.  :)  Without further ado, here's the last link gathering for the year! 

- Check out the top beauty trends of 2015 (and the ones we'd like to leave behind), along with what's in store for 2016

- Autumn at The Beheld shares her beauty regrets.  Do you have any?

- Glamour Daze presents a fascinating history of the beehive hairdo.

- "I know spending $30 on a black eyeliner just because I like the packaging or the brand is absurd, but I can’t stop doing it anyway, and I have no plans to."  Obviously I'm in full agreement with this defense of buying expensive beauty products.

- We've heard of brow bars, but I believe Eyeko may offer the first mascara bar

The random:

- RIP, Ellsworth Kelly.

- If your Christmas wasn't the best, at least you're not these folks

- In '90s nosalgia, behold: the real meaning of the Spice Girls' "Wannabe".

- Did you know one can actually be afraid of buttons?

- Added this book to my wishlist...and now I want to write my own book on artist/beauty collabs. 

How have you been?

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