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Curator's Corner, 12/20/2015

CC logoLinks for the week, plus some holiday decor pics  :)

- Did you buy a fancy candle for someone on your Christmas list?  No?  That's surprising, given that the sale of luxury candles has apparently skyrocketed recently.

- We already knew lipstick is sexy, but this series of photos takes it to the next level.

- Despite this article, I still wonder whether men's makeup will really take off in the States.

- For you Star Wars fans, here's a YSL Star Wars collection from 1999 (that I totally don't remember!) and the 10 best Star Wars beauty products

- Speaking of YSL, their latest serum has gone on display at a science museum in Berlin.

- This is so festive, but I'd be afraid the bulbs would overheat and set my head on fire.  Maybe play it a little safer with tie dye hair.

- Collecting Vintage Compacts is back with another great post, this time on the invention of metal lipstick tubes.

- Here's an in-depth look at how social media is changing the beauty industry.

- I enjoyed this piece on the re-reading of Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth.

- What cosmetic ads would look like if the models wore only the product being sold.

The random:

- Behind the scenes at S-K's recent show in Brooklyn. How I love them so.

- I curse on occasion in my posts but I try to keep it to a minimum, and I really rein in my foul mouth at work and around children, but generally speaking I swear like a sailor.  Interestingly, a new study shows that swearing is a sign of high intelligence.  Damn fucking right it is!

- While I anxiously await the return of Broad City, in the meantime I'm greatly amused by Going Deep with David Rees.  We own and love both My New Filing System Is Unstoppable and Get Your War On, and it turns out that Mr. Rees is just as funny on TV as he is with clip art comics.

- The new ice hotel in Sweden has been unveiled and as usual, it's awesome.  I'm not sure, however, that it's quite as awesome as this Pee Wee Herman Christmas tree.

- Now for some holiday decor pics!  The husband got this lovely bouquet:

Holiday flowers

And I got these silly kitchen towels:


Here's a mini tree and a Pillsbury Dough Boy-themed Christmas house.  When I was little I had a serious obsession with the Pillsbury Dough Boy and my dad got me this for Christmas one year.

Mini tree

Mini house

And here's our tree! 


I'll spare you yet more pictures of the faux fur blanket, but, again, I encourage you to treat yourself and get one.

How have you been?  If you celebrate, are you ready for Christmas?  I just need a couple stocking stuffers, but other than that I think I'm set.

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