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Curator's Corner, 12/13/2015

Quick post: A beautiful 15-year anniversary celebration with EST

I saw this lovely collection over at A Touch of Blusher months ago and immediately began trying to track it down.  Ichibankao didn't carry it but fortunately it popped up on Imomoko.  For their 15th anniversary collection packaging, EST created a gorgeous floral arrangement set against a crisp white background.  While the freshness of these blooms would seem more appropriate for a springtime release, it's so pretty I don't care that it's not quite what we think of for a holiday collection.  I picked up the pink set (there is also a blue one.)

Kao EST 15th anniversary set

Kao EST 15th anniversary palette and gloss

Kao EST 15th anniversary palette

Kao EST 15th anniversary palette

Kao EST 15th anniversary gloss

Kao EST 15th anniversary bag

I love the realism and variety of the flowers.  It looks like a professional florist made this bouquet and I can imagine it sitting in an equally elegant vase.  I'm not sure whether there was an outside artist involved in the creation of the design as I was unable to translate the product description from the EST website, but if not, EST did a great job on their own.

What do you think?

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