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Curator's Corner, 11/29/2015

CC logoCatching up on links from the past two weeks.  I didn't plan on taking this past week off from blogging, but last weekend I enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving/belated birthday celebration with my parents and didn't get a chance to prep any posts.  Hopefully I can stay on top of everything this week.

- Sephora's cool new concept store opened with much fanfare, while K-beauty go-to Peach & Lily announced a series of in-store shops at various Macy's.

- Still can't wrap my head around how this new hack for undereye bags would be effective.

- The latest hair trends include hair strobing (as with makeup, isn't this just highlighting?), sunset hair and macaron hair.  As for nails, keep them warm and cozy with a cable-knit mani.

- Beard ornaments are so 2014.  Guys, try a glitter beard instead.

- Another beauty-related health hazard has reared its ugly head.

- Amazing.

The random:

- This piece at XO Jane really resonated with me, for obvious reasons.

- The bad-ass award of the week goes to this woman, who completed a college exam while giving birth.

- If you have anyone on your holiday shopping list in need of new underwear, might I suggest these bacon-scented undies?  Or how about this Golden Girls-themed set?  (Seriously, WTF?)

- Rolling my eyes so hard at this.

- In tattoo news, I can't believe so many people willingly signed up to get a mystery tattoo, while this very brave model received no fewer than 11 tattoos illustrating various styles throughout history.  If a real tattoo isn't your thing, you can check out the newly opened Tattly shop in Brooklyn, or try out these lovely winter-inspired temporary tattoos.

Now for the important stuff:  who's ready for Cyber Monday?  Any deals calling to you?


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