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Curator's Corner, 11/15/2015

CC logoLotsa links this week!

- Hair trends for the week include glitter roots, secret rainbow hair, and for the guys, clip-in man buns.  Refinery29 also offered a history of blue hair.  While it was interesting, I have to admit I was disappointed there was no mention of Marge Simpson.

- As a long-time Allure fan, I was saddened to read of founding editor Linda Wells' departure from the publicationAllure has been my favorite magazine for years, and I'm sure it's due in no small part to Wells' talent.  Hopefully former Nylon editor Michelle Lee will continue the quality content.

- Here's a nice little history of contouring.

- Apparently Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume makes an excellent mosquito repellent.  I can't say I'm surprised.

- I guess I should be grateful that I get any sort of discount for being a Sephora VIB Rouge, but I was peeved that our annual 20% discount was only valid for 3 days.  I don't like that they changed the VIB Rouge/VIB sale to have separately timed tiers this year, and I wasn't the only one.

- In crazy beauty treatments this week we've got a facial mist that contains catnip, lip microneedling (ouch!) and yet another facial that involves bodily fluids. Yuck.

- One thing I didn't cover in my history of fake freckles was the idea of temporary freckle tattoos - I had no idea these existed.

- As for real tattoos, I'm currently researching where to get one (finally going to take the plunge after 15 years of wanting one but not getting it because of everyone telling me not to), and I can safely say that using your own personal tattoo machine is NOT the way to go.  Leave tats to the professionals, kids.  Speaking of which, I came across this awesome blog (run by the same person who writes ExhibiTricks) - I hope I can submit my tattoo shortly.

- I saved the best for last!  You might remember last week I linked to the new song "Eating Makeup" featuring my idol Kathleen Hanna, and this week the video was released.  Bust described it as "Pee-Wee's Playhouse meets John Waters", and that is dead on.


The random:

- In '90s nostalgia, the sweater Kurt Cobain wore on a 1993 performance on MTV's Unplugged fetched $137,500 at a recent auction in LA. #worthit

- Cracked up at this.

- To the people freaking out about the Starbucks holiday cups:  you should be offended by these sweaters instead, courtesy of Nordstrom and Target.  Also, enjoy these alternative cups.

- I knew it was coming to an end, but I'm so sad nevertheless.  One of my all-time favorite TV shows started its final season this week. Fortunately there was this oral history to ease the pain.

What's been up with you?


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