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October 2015

Friday fun: Nivea Limited Edition tins

I wish I could say I had some spooky beauty fun planned for today, but these limited-edition Nivea tins are about as far from creepy as you can get.  Sorry for not fully being in the Halloween spirit.  And I know they're not technically makeup but they were so cute I had write about them! Anyway, I spotted these tins at Citrine's Blog weeks ago and was intrigued, but was in the midst of getting the fall exhibition together so tracking them down was put on the back burner. Then Jane at British Beauty Blogger posted about them this week and revealed the name of the illustrator so my curiosity was piqued again.  I did some investigating and now I really want these!  Alas, I haven't been able to get my paws on them.  So I'm just adding these to my ever-growing list of things that escaped my curating clutches (along with the positively adorable zodiac Nivea tins from last year that I couldn't find either.)  Sigh.

I know they're a bit juvenile and would probably look more appropriate in my 6-year-old niece's bedroom than my own, but there's something so charming and sweet about the illustrations that's pulling me in...perhaps because they remind me of books from my childhood.  My first impression was correct:  for this collection Nivea hired German artist Joelle Tourlonias, whose primary work consists of illustrating children's books.  The scene on each tin is taken from one of several stories written by Udo Weigelt.  There are eight total and I'm not entirely sure of the release dates.  It seems that 4 of them were released earlier in the year in countries outside the U.S. and are just coming to our shores now, and 4 of them are winter-themed and being released worldwide now.  

The illustrations on the tins are taken from the title pages for each story, which I've matched up below.

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

JoelleTourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

And here are the winter-themed ones.  I desperately want the Christmas tree tin!

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea

Joelle Tourlonias for Nivea
(images from tales.nivea.com)

Nivea's US site only has 5 of the stories available to read online, for some reason the Philippines website has all 8 available in English.  Also, you can read more about the characters and download coloring pages!  So cute for the kiddos in your life (or adults, I suppose - you might remember I recently took on coloring books as a hobby.)

Just for fun, here are some other books Joelle Tourlonias has illustrated.  She has a pretty recognizable style that's perfectly suited to children's books.  And she is quite prolific - this is just a small handful of the books she's illustrated in her short career (she's only 30!)

Joelle Tourlonias illustration

Joelle Tourlonias illustration

Joelle Tourlonias illustration

Joelle Tourlonias illustration
(images from amazon.de)

Getting back to Nivea, I have no idea why they decided to collaborate with a children's book author and illustrator. It looked to be quite a big campaign, complete with family-oriented events in a slew of different countries and an amazing press package that included an actual printed book of one of the stories along with the plushie rabbit. And yet, we saw no such fanfare here in the States.

What do you think of this collab?  And have you spotted these tins in any stores near you?

Fall Fracas!! (yup, it's a smackdown.)


Fall leaves can be pretty...but also lethal.  This year multiple brands adopted a foliage theme in advertising and packaging.  So instead of the usual one-on-one match, I had no choice but to create a bracketed competition.  Chanel will be squaring off with Dolce & Gabbana for the best leafy ads, while Catrice will fight Laura Geller to see which one has the most tantalizing foliage design.  The winners of each of those rounds will then duke it out to see who has the top leaf motif in all the (makeup) land.  Settle in folks, this is gonna be epic!

Let's get ready to rummmmbbbblllllle!  *ding ding*

In the right corner we've got some luscious promos for the Les Automnales de Chanel collection.  Chanel's strength lies not only in the very orderly yet artful arrangements of plants and makeup, but also in the variety of the types of botanicals.  Can D & G withstand the onslaught of leaves, flowers, berries and twigs in perfect fall hues?

Chanel fall 2015 makeup

Chanel fall 2015 makeup

  Chanel fall 2015 makeup

Chanel fall 2015 makeup
(images from fashionisers.com)

Well, let's see.  In the other corner is D & G, whose fall collection promos depict an unexpected melange of red, purple and rose leaves that match the makeup.  Will this unnatural and bold color scheme catch Chanel off guard?  Or are the images too repetitive to pack a good punch?

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2015 makeup

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2015 makeup

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2015 makeup

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2015 makeup

In the next ring, we have Catrice's "Fallosophy" 2015 collection up against Laura Geller's Italian Garden set.  Catrice throws a sharp right hook with eye shadows, nail polishes and lipsticks all featuring a sleek leaf illustration.

Catrice fall 2015

Catrice fall 2015

Catrice fall 2015
(images from chicprofile.com)

Laura Geller's Italian Garden set, a QVC exclusive, contains only one item with a leaf design. 

Laura Geller Italian Garden set

However, what the collection lacks in number it makes up for in the palette's color and detail.  Interlocking leaves in a variety of rich fall colors return a powerful blow to Catrice's monochrome foliage.

Laura Geller - Italian Garden palette
(images from qvc.com)

Who are your bracket picks and the final winner?  Tell me in the comments!

Couture Monday: Burberry fall 2015

I don't think the fall 2015 palette from Burberry is quite as cute as their spring 2015 offering, but it was worth purchasing for the Museum's collection.  I may be biased because I finally fulfilled a long-time desire to get a camouflage jacket as homage to a character from one of my favorite TV shows, or it could just be my love of green eye shadow, but in any case camouflage is especially appealing to me right now. 

Burberry fall 2015 runway palette

Burberry fall 2015 runway palette

Burberry fall 2015 runway palette

According to the palette's description at the website, the print is inspired by Burberry's fall 2015 camouflage version of their bucket bag. 

Burberry fall 2015 camo bucket bag

However, the camo print appeared on many other items as well.  Here's a few:

Burberry fall 2015 camo bags

Burberry fall 2015 camo scarves

Burberry fall 2015 camo jackets
(images from us.burberry.com)

While this isn't the most imaginative use of a pattern on a palette, I still think it was the best choice out of Burberry's fall pieces, and you can't go wrong with such rich colors for autumn.  Sadly, that's all I have to say about this.  I wanted to write something profound and insightful on makeup as camouflage, but I'm pretty tired and my brain just isn't making any coherent connections right now.

What do you think of this palette?  Oh, and if you were wondering, the camouflage jacket shown in my pics is from Banana Republic - got it for 40% off!

Curator's Corner, 10/25/2015

CC logoLinks, plus some pics of pumpkin fest 2015!

- I'll be getting to a review of Lisa Eldridge's new book in a hot second, but in the meantime, check out her compilation of the best and worst beauty moments throughout history.

- Can't tell whether this new line from Ellis Faas is cool or creepy.

- The latest trends for your tresses include galaxy hair, pumpkin spice hair, and hair tattoos.  In nail trends, say hello to glass nail art.

- Love these makeup bags!

- Beaute.ie shares some great new Shiseido commercials, one demonstrating the truly transformational power of makeup and the others featuring Lady Gaga (who, by the way, is killing it on American Horror Story.)

- Why doll make-unders can be problematic.

- This perfume exhibition in Berlin is very exciting (via WWD).

- This is a product that exists in the world.

The random:

- In '90s nostalgia, Tommy Hilfiger is re-releasing some best-selling pieces from the decade, while the oh-so-cheesy 1999 movie Cruel Intentions is getting the TV treatment.

- Here's a round-up of 10 strange museums around the world.  I had heard of most of them, but not the Barbed Wire Museum or the Bunny Museum.

- Brace yourself:  Sociological Images shares their annual compilation of the worst "sexy" Halloween costumes.

- More spooky fun includes the ghost of Claude Monet roaming the Cleveland Museum of Art (courtesy of clever marketing staff, methinks), and the hotel where The Shining was filmed may be turned into a horror museum.

Now onto Pumpkinfest 2015!  If you're not familiar, I started this tradition in 2011 when I went on a pumpkin baking spree on a whim.  It's basically a one-woman baking marathon centered on pumpkin desserts that occurs sometime in October.  I like to think of it as a warmup to all the Thanksgiving and holiday baking I do.  Anyway, Museum staff members were most excited. 

Anxiously waiting for the butter to soften

I made 5 desserts, 4 of which turned out pretty well and the 5th was a total fail.  Well, not a complete loss - it tasted good - but I really messed up the construction.  I made pumpkin spice latte ice cream, pumpkin cookies with PSL M & Ms, brownies with Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter (which, if you can believe it, is more addictive than their regular cookie butter), pumpkin muffins, and a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling.  The pumpkin muffins look burned but they're not - it's a delicious cinnamon sugar topping.

Pumpkinfest 2015

You'll notice the pumpkin roll is not included in the photo because that was the dessert I mangled.  In my defense, it was my first time making a rolled cake and I got confused with the relatively complicated instructions, so I somehow ended up rolling the entire cake with parchment paper.  Oops.  What we managed to salvage was yummy but it was one sad-looking cake.  But all in all, a good effort. 

How are you?  Are you doing anything fun for Halloween?

Fall 2015 color trend

This year's color trend is reminiscent of last year's in that it's not actually a single color.  However, the similarity ends there, as these metallic textures are the antithesis of "no-makeup" makeup.  The heavy metal trend for fall 2015 sets itself apart from the usual shimmery shades by emphasizing a molten, mirror-like sheen, that to my eye looks like an updated version of '70s disco glam.  Both nails and eyes shine in a variety of metallic hues - cool silver, yellow gold and deep bronze seem to be the most popular options, but rose gold is also having a moment.

Fall 2015 beauty trend - metallics

  1. YSL Metal Clash eye shadow palette
  2. Essie Leggy Legend nail polish
  3. A model at Zac Posen's fall 2015 ready-to-wear show
  4. Elizabeth Arden Golden Opulence collection
  5. Tom Ford Face Focus collection promo
  6. RMK Gold Impression Illuminator
  7. A model at Mara Hoffman's fall 2015 ready-to-wear show
  8. Bobbi Brown Greige nail polish
  9. Laura Mercier Eye Chromes palette
  10. Dior Addict Fluid Shadow in Magnetic

What do you think of the fall 2015 metallics trend?  I think it's really fun and festive, but is not kind to my crepey eyelids and less-than-perfect nails, so I will be doing a more subtle version.

Friday Fun: New (old) MM staff member!

Please say hello to the latest member of the Makeup Museum family, Sailor Babo!  No, not the little guy.  This fella is the full-sized version and very rare - he's one of 50, made for the first Uglycon in Los Angeles in 2006.  We spotted him on Ebay a few weeks ago and knew we had to rescue him.


He and the other Sailor Babo have been hitting it off, obviously. 

So happy together

And like most sailors, he's got a tattoo.  (It's an autograph by the creators of Uglydoll.)

Sailor Babo tramp stamp

I'll have to mull over what he'll be doing at the Museum, other than getting crazy with little Sailor Babo and Seasick Sailor Babo!  Oh, the shenanigans they've been getting into...

Couture Monday: Dior's swinging '60s blushes

I'm adding these Dior items to my list of ones that got away.  A few months ago Chic Profile featured these two blushes, which apparently were available at select Dior boutiques in the U.S.  I didn't think they were worth tracking down until I started digging a bit based on the information provided at Chic Profile.

Dior Miss Dior blush

Dior Miss Dior blush
(images from chicprofile.com)

Today we know Miss Dior as one of the fragrances from the couture house, but in the early 1960s a line of ready-to-wear hats was launched with the Miss Dior name.  Then in September of 1967 Dior introduced another ready-to-wear line, also called Miss Dior.  From Vintage Fashion Guild:  "The Miss Dior line was launched in September 1967 and was a less expensive ready-to-wear line made to appeal to a younger customer.  The Miss Dior store was located on Rue Francois Premier, next door to the Dior couture house. For the first three years the Miss Dior line was sold in stores throughout France, but was not exported, so as not to compete with the Dior-New York label. It became available in the US in December 1970 and was an immediate success. The line was designed by Philippe Guiborge, who also designed the Dior Boutique line and was assistant to Marc Bohan in the couture house."  I also found this Telegraph article dated January 6, 1967 announcing the line.


The letters in the new blushes are rendered in the same style as the Miss Dior tags.  Some examples of Miss Dior styles and their respective tags:

Miss Dior black ruffle sleeves dress

Miss Dior black dress tag
(images from etsy.com)

Miss Dior multicolor coat

Miss Dior multicolor coat label
(images from collectorsweekly.com)

The same font was also used by famed illustrator René Gruau in some Miss Dior ads.  I wonder if the actual shopping bags looked like they do in these ads or whether it was Gruau's own creation.  Unfortunately I was unable to find any photos of real-life Miss Dior shopping bags.

Miss Dior ad 1967
(image from hprints.com)

Miss Dior ad-1967
(image from roswebbart.hubpages.com)

As for more examples of Miss Dior clothing, they were few and far between.  I managed to scrounge up this 1970 ad.

Miss Dior ad 1970
(image from exposicoesvirtuais.arquivonacional.gov.br)

And this dress from 1974:

(image from vads.ac.uk)

In any case, the scant number of photos I was able to find was enough for me to want to procure the Miss Dior blushes for the Museum.  I do find it strange that Dior is releasing these in 2015, as I think 2017 might have been a more appropriate date given that it would be the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Miss Dior line, but nevertheless the blushes represent a nod to another piece of the house's history.


Fresh Rose Face Mask 15th anniversary

The limited-edition packaging for the 15th anniversary of Fresh's Rose Face Mask reads very fresh and spring-like to me so it feels a little weird posting it when there's a fall nip in the air, but I positively had to share its gorgeousness.  British artist Jo Ratcliffe was responsible for the graceful, swirling composition.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask

You would think roses would be a fairly straightforward motif to illustrate, but to get them to look modern and youthful (i.e., not looking like an old lady's nightgown) is trickier than you'd expect. Ratcliffe explained the process to Nylon magazine:  "Roses are a very traditional thing to draw, so I knew that I needed to make something that stood out but also fit within the brand’s aesthetic. It was a challenge: We went through a few stages of drawing women, then we removed details but kept the curves and the feminine lines. Then we just reduced [the image] to roses. I started to make drawings that weren’t so botanical looking, but then they looked too much like tattoos. It’s one of those things that you think is going to be very easy, but proves to be quite difficult...with fashion illustration, you need to follow trends, and I just discovered through doing this that beauty products remain quite classic. You can make it modern, too, but the twists have to be really subtle...once I started to draw roses on their own, it felt really difficult to make something that was unique, so I started to add in these paint marks and things that felt more organic and more like a sketchbook. I wanted to create something that was a little wild looking—something that stands for natural beauty."  Ratcliffe also told Allure, "Roses feel like a very English flower to me, but also a little bit punk, given their beauty and their thorns.  I was inspired by beautiful old botanical drawings of roses and thinking of ways of reinterpreting them into something more modern...I wanted to bring a kind of motion in an irregular way so that it felt a little wild and alive." To do that, she "began to paint with Indian and acrylic inks, layered with a more loose version of traditional roses, which I painted using gouache.  I brought in a layer of blue so there was a hint of something unexpected but that also helped bring the sensorial essence [of the product] to life."

Fresh Rose Face Mask

You can see how the drawing came to life in this video.  I noticed she's left-handed...my fascination with southpaws knows no bounds.


She also made a print for a scarf that was available as a gift-with-purchase at Fresh's Marylebone store in London.  Obviously I'm annoyed I couldn't procure it.

Jo Racliffe for Fresh - scarf

Let's take a peek at Ratcliffe's other work, which displays a truly impressive range. We know she can do fashion and beauty illustrations, both from the Fresh collab and her live fashion illustrations during runway shows, like this one for Peter Pilotto:

Jo Ratcliffe - Peter Pilotto fashion illustration

But she's equally skilled at abstract work.

Jo Ratcliffe

And more detailed portraits, such as this editorial for V magazine featuring illustrations of supermodels posing with various beauty products.  This spread also shows Ratcliffe is capable of putting a different spin on beauty products depending on the client.  Whereas for Fresh the design was simply modern and pretty, for this magazine she gave the makeup an appropriately edgy, high-fashion, sleek treatment. 

Jo Ratcliffe for V magazine

Jo Ratcliffe for V magazine

Jo Ratcliffe for V magazine

Jo Ratcliffe for V magazine
(images from jocandraw.com and vmagazine.com)

She also works on a variety of animations for top fashion companies.  I think my favorite is this Devil Panda/Angel Panda video for Jimmy Choo.


What I was most surprised about though was that she was the one behind the excellent Sephora holiday 2014 graphics.  I thought they were so cool that I actually saved an email I got from Sephora spelling out my name in that crazy makeup font as well as the little promo brochure.

Jo Ratcliffe - Sephora holiday 2014

Jo Ratcliffe - Sephora 2014 brochure

Jo Ratcliffe - Sephora 2014 brochure

At the time I couldn't track down who the artist was, so I'm glad I finally found out.  This work also shows how varied Ratcliffe's work is, even between beauty companies.  I never would have guessed this is the same artist who created the Fresh packaging. 

Overall I think the Fresh piece is lovely and well-thought-out.  And if you're actually going to use it, so much the better, as the pretty factor will instantly skyrocket for any vanity or bathroom.  I'm also really impressed with the variety of styles Ratcliffe is able to execute - no boring repetition or recycling previous work here.

What do you think?

Curator's Corner, 10/11/2015

CC logoLinks, plus a bonus pic of some autumn decor.

- XO Vain digs into the complex beauty regiment of a 19th century empress

- Apparently beard transplants are a thing.

- I've been wondering about the controversy over Lime Crime for years.  Fortunately Arabelle gives the full scoop at Racked

- I have a lot of hope for this new laser razor - seems so much easier than traditional shaving.

- This vlogger paints her nails better after a bottle of wine than I do completely sober.

- Another beauty YouTuber experiments with a Coke "shampoo".

- Aha!  I had long suspected it was only a matter of time before Pat McGrath developed her own makeup product.  Only 1,000 of her new multi-use Gold 001 will be sold so I probably won't get it, but I'm curious to see how it performs.

- Must buy these new edible polishes for my niece (and maybe for me.) 

- Speaking of non-toxic nail polishes, here's another reason to steer clear of acrylics (or at least, don't keep your nail glue near your eye drops!)

- No.  Just no.

The random:

- A delicious panel with the Holy Trinity...could there be another album on the way?!

- I'm embarrassed to admit that I cried at this Nike commercial.  It just got me for a lot of reasons.

- In '90s nostalgia, I'm still plowing my way through the original X-Files (why didn't I watch it when it was on?) and am very excited for the new episodes, given this info.  I love that the credits are the same.  Meanwhile, the Hairpin reminisces about the bizarre hit single "Pepper" from the Butthole Surfers and links to an oral history of the band.

- I want this Vogue coloring book!

- Finally, as you know, it's decorative gourd season, so here is my contribution to fall.  BLAMMO!

Mutant f*cking squash

Do you not love these tiny pumpkins?  The husband spotted them at the farmer's market.  They're called Jack Be Littles - too cute!

tiny pumpkin

Have you been doing any seasonal decorating/baking?  I have scheduled Pumpkin Fest for October 24th and am trying to narrow down what I'll be making.