Color Connection #30
Fall 2015 color trend

Friday Fun: New (old) MM staff member!

Please say hello to the latest member of the Makeup Museum family, Sailor Babo!  No, not the little guy.  This fella is the full-sized version and very rare - he's one of 50, made for the first Uglycon in Los Angeles in 2006.  We spotted him on Ebay a few weeks ago and knew we had to rescue him.


He and the other Sailor Babo have been hitting it off, obviously. 

So happy together

And like most sailors, he's got a tattoo.  (It's an autograph by the creators of Uglydoll.)

Sailor Babo tramp stamp

I'll have to mull over what he'll be doing at the Museum, other than getting crazy with little Sailor Babo and Seasick Sailor Babo!  Oh, the shenanigans they've been getting into...

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