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Fresh Rose Face Mask 15th anniversary

Curator's Corner, 10/11/2015

CC logoLinks, plus a bonus pic of some autumn decor.

- XO Vain digs into the complex beauty regiment of a 19th century empress

- Apparently beard transplants are a thing.

- I've been wondering about the controversy over Lime Crime for years.  Fortunately Arabelle gives the full scoop at Racked

- I have a lot of hope for this new laser razor - seems so much easier than traditional shaving.

- This vlogger paints her nails better after a bottle of wine than I do completely sober.

- Another beauty YouTuber experiments with a Coke "shampoo".

- Aha!  I had long suspected it was only a matter of time before Pat McGrath developed her own makeup product.  Only 1,000 of her new multi-use Gold 001 will be sold so I probably won't get it, but I'm curious to see how it performs.

- Must buy these new edible polishes for my niece (and maybe for me.) 

- Speaking of non-toxic nail polishes, here's another reason to steer clear of acrylics (or at least, don't keep your nail glue near your eye drops!)

- No.  Just no.

The random:

- A delicious panel with the Holy Trinity...could there be another album on the way?!

- I'm embarrassed to admit that I cried at this Nike commercial.  It just got me for a lot of reasons.

- In '90s nostalgia, I'm still plowing my way through the original X-Files (why didn't I watch it when it was on?) and am very excited for the new episodes, given this info.  I love that the credits are the same.  Meanwhile, the Hairpin reminisces about the bizarre hit single "Pepper" from the Butthole Surfers and links to an oral history of the band.

- I want this Vogue coloring book!

- Finally, as you know, it's decorative gourd season, so here is my contribution to fall.  BLAMMO!

Mutant f*cking squash

Do you not love these tiny pumpkins?  The husband spotted them at the farmer's market.  They're called Jack Be Littles - too cute!

tiny pumpkin

Have you been doing any seasonal decorating/baking?  I have scheduled Pumpkin Fest for October 24th and am trying to narrow down what I'll be making. 

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