Curator's Corner, 10/25/2015
Fall Fracas!! (yup, it's a smackdown.)

Couture Monday: Burberry fall 2015

I don't think the fall 2015 palette from Burberry is quite as cute as their spring 2015 offering, but it was worth purchasing for the Museum's collection.  I may be biased because I finally fulfilled a long-time desire to get a camouflage jacket as homage to a character from one of my favorite TV shows, or it could just be my love of green eye shadow, but in any case camouflage is especially appealing to me right now. 

Burberry fall 2015 runway palette

Burberry fall 2015 runway palette

Burberry fall 2015 runway palette

According to the palette's description at the website, the print is inspired by Burberry's fall 2015 camouflage version of their bucket bag. 

Burberry fall 2015 camo bucket bag

However, the camo print appeared on many other items as well.  Here's a few:

Burberry fall 2015 camo bags

Burberry fall 2015 camo scarves

Burberry fall 2015 camo jackets
(images from

While this isn't the most imaginative use of a pattern on a palette, I still think it was the best choice out of Burberry's fall pieces, and you can't go wrong with such rich colors for autumn.  Sadly, that's all I have to say about this.  I wanted to write something profound and insightful on makeup as camouflage, but I'm pretty tired and my brain just isn't making any coherent connections right now.

What do you think of this palette?  Oh, and if you were wondering, the camouflage jacket shown in my pics is from Banana Republic - got it for 40% off!

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