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Curator's Corner, 9/27/2015

CC logoLinks for the week.

- Given that snail slime, bee venom and bird poop are used in skincare, beef fat products seem pretty tame.

- Colorful eyebrows are way more fun than colorful armpit hair.

- Makeup companies continue to try to stay ahead of social media trends, as evidenced by Cover Girl's testing of new foundations using iPhones.

- Stowaway Cosmetics can take its stupid survey and stick it where the sun don't shine.  I will continue to happily hoard makeup and use expired products because I love having tons of options when it comes to makeup.  Can you imagine having only, like, five eye shadows or lipsticks to choose from?

- Whoa. This new contraption mixes small batches of fresh face creams and other treatments customized from your selection of over 1,000 ingredients. 

- Guys, if you're worried about your man bun making you bald, there are other style options.  Try the man-braid or the merman.

- It says a lot that a NY heiress left more money to her manicurist and hair stylist than to her housekeeper. A clean house is nothing compared to perfect nails and a great blowout, right?

- Move over, grills - teeth tattoos are where it's at.

- Aerin Lauder is creating another limited-edition lipstick for the Neue Galerie (a.k.a. the museum founded by her father Ronald Lauder).  This one is called Berlin Nights, in honor of the upcoming exhibition "Berlin Metropolis: 1918-1933".  I'm dying to see what the color looks like.

The random:

- This seems like an interesting, albeit scary, read.  Maybe I should write one for makeup and beauty treatments. 

- In art crimes this week, I'm mortified at this politician who used a Thomas Hart Benton mural in the Missouri statehouse to take notes.  I am not surprised, however, that she's a Republican.

- In '90s nostalgia, Good Burger was briefly revived on Jimmy Fallon, while science officially proved that Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the most iconic song of all time.

- It was sex positivity week over at Bitch Flicks, and they had some great analyses of both Bob's Burgers and Broad City.

- Already excited for Amy Schumer's book.

- Have you tried the new Starbucks Toasted Graham Latte?  I tried it last week and I don't know why they don't just call it a S'mores latte because that's exactly what it tastes like.  Either way it's pretty good though.

- Finally, you know I can't not have a Curator's Corner in the fall without linking to one of the greatest seasonal odes ever written

Are you enjoying fall thus far? 

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