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Curator's Corner, 9/20/2015

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- On the one hand, it's great that there are more products made for women of color.  On the other hand, it's 2015 - I feel like this is something that should have existed years ago.

- Given that contouring moved from the face to the body, it's no surprise strobing followed suit.

- I'll have to ask the husband whether he'd be interested in trying this new caffeinated shaving line.  Caffeine as a skincare ingredient can actually be quite effective - I've tried cellulite creams with caffeine and it definitely helps temporarily reduce the appearance of my hail damage. (I don't know why but that particular phrase always cracks me up.)

- Documenting Fashion has a nice piece on the Elizabeth Arden "trilogy".

- Despite the aggravation with traveling to and from NY recently, I desperately want to head back up there so I can check out the new & Other Stories makeup line in person.

- I have to admit I wasn't paying much attention to NYFW spring 2016 beauty trends because I figured I'd catch up when it's, you know, actually spring, but this mermaid eye at Diane von Furstenberg was truly stunning! 

- Can't wait for the MAC/Guo Pei collection...hopefully I'll get my hands on some of it before it sells out.

- We've seen classic paintings recreated on eyelids, but not on lips - until now.

- Here's a good, albeit short, read on no-makeup campaigns.

- With all the wacky hair trends out there, this new hand-pressed hair coloring technique seems to be the most wearable.

- LOL.

The random:

- Love this new blog.

- Appealing for both eyes and stomach:  cookie pits and candy pyramids.  Not so appealing, despite my love of both of these foods:  pizza-flavored ice cream.

- This couple made an 11-foot bed to fit their pets.  I'm thinking the husband and I need to do the same to accommodate our plushie family.

- So much '90s nostalgia and I am LOVING it.  Verve Pipe's lead singer karaokes their 1997 hit "The Freshmen", while the Hairpin investigates the meaning behind Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha" and White Town's "Your Woman", both of which were also huge in '97.  Not a fan of Empire Records but I enjoyed this round-up of facts about the film regardless.  But I am a fan of Mr. Show, and as luck would have it Bob and David will be back to sketch comedy in November.  Finally, Quentin Tarantino's cast wish list for Pulp Fiction was leaked.  Michael Madsen as Vincent Vega?  No way!!

- I still have not been able to track down the Pumpkin Spice Latte M & Ms but I did enjoy my first Starbucks PSL of the season last week. 

How about you?  Are you ready for fall?  Do you love the PSL as much as I do?

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