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Curator's Corner, 8/9/2015

CC logoLinks from the past 2 weeks, plus I'm wishing the Makeup Museum a very happy 7-year blogiversary!  (It was Friday, I totally forgot.)

- Jezebel's makeup by decade series continues with the 1950s.

- Read Autumn's brilliant response to a new study claiming beauty ads are bogus.

- The latest bizarre nail trends:  the bubble manicure and aquarium nails. Meanwhile, hair tapestries are the new rainbow hair, and body branding may be the new tattoo.  More strange trends include hangover makeup and heart-shaped hair.

- As a huge Strangers with Candy fan I was delighted to see Amy Sedaris dish on her favorite beauty products.

- More on the makeup tax.

- On my beauty book radar is this vintage compact collecting guide by Jane Vanroe.

- See, beautifying oneself IS healthy

- I'm salivating over Louboutin's new lipstick line...is it September yet?

- Racked, please stay away from MUA.  You clearly don't get it.

- On the fragrance front, check out this 19th century "perfume launcher", along with this exhibition and book on perfume miniatures.

- Unbelievable

The random:

- Bikini Kill will be putting out 3 previously unreleased songs from 1991!  Plus, here's an eye-opening piece on black girls within the Riot Grrrl movement

- Only in Japan:  a Snoopy museum, this crazy-looking restaurant, and a cafe in Tokyo that provides luxury services to stuffed animals.  I don't think I could send our beloved plushies through the mail, but I love the concept.

- The best response to the new Jack the Ripper Museum, right here.

- I liked this overview of Yves Saint Laurent's "love cards" at Documenting Fashion, since one of the designs was used on a palette.  They should really do an entire series of palettes based on those. 

- My latest form of relaxation is coloring books.  Yes, they make coloring books for adults!  My mom told me it was the "hot new trend" and she was totally right.  I celebrated National Coloring Book day last week by stealing her coloring book and pencils (sorry Mom, I'll replace them.) 

- In '90s news, here's another exhibition on the art of the '90s and some Clueless-inspired decor.

- Greatly amused by this Tumblr.

- It's August, which means Pumpkin Spice Lattes are just around the corner...along with pumpkin spice Peeps!

What have you been digging lately?

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